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Natuna Islands, located at the northern tip of Indonesia. Bunguran, Jemaja, together with Serasan are the 3 largest islands inwards this archipelago. Natuna Islands is i of regencies inwards Riau Islands Province, alongside Ranai Bunguran Island equally the working capital missive of the alphabet of the district.

Natuna is surrounded past times deep sea. At the northward cease this isle is direct side past times side to the waters of Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, together with Singapore. In the share about the Natuna body of body of water in that place are hidden rocks together with spread out below body of body of water level. So it is non surprising that i time a lot of Vietnamese together with Singapore who were stranded on this island.


Located inwards the middle of the large sea, Natuna conk really isolated together with minimal of facilities. However, the Natuna has beautiful scenery, alongside panoramic views of the coast. Natuna has many potential tourist attractions worth a visit.

In this area, visitors tin forcefulness out bring out beaches, such equally Sebagul, Selahang, Setengar, together with many others tourism spots. H5N1 set out of locations fifty-fifty conk a favorite for snorkeling, turtle habitat observers, together with lovers of the underwater tour.

Visitors tin forcefulness out too see the isle Senoa using "Pompong Boat" together with trips taken about xxx minutes. By the local people, this isle is oft called "the Island of Pregnant Women". In this Island, visitors volition bring out a turtle that roam freely on the beach. On this isle in that place are too a set out of swallow plane nest inwards the cave.

Pompong Boat

In Natuna, visitors tin forcefulness out too run into i of the rare ape species usually known past times the advert "Kekah". Kekah solely alive together with thrive inwards such Bunguran Sintu Mountain share (Middle Pian, Sepang, Overseas), Ranai mountain, together with Mount Niche.


Kekah really unique shape, his trunk covered alongside thick dark hairs interspersed alongside white on the breast to await similar wearing white vest together with on the face. Kekah oculus surrounded past times white peel together with gray. They await similar wearing glasses.

To accomplish the Natuna nosotros tin forcefulness out role pocket-size aircraft alongside a capacity of near 45 people from Hang Nadim Airport, Batam, takes to a greater extent than or less 1 hr xxx minutes. Or role the cruise lines alongside ships Pelni from Kijang Harbor, Tanjung Pinang. This ship volition furnish to the Natuna i calendar week later. The trip past times boat takes to a greater extent than or less 12 hours.

For fans of culinary tourism, on the Natuna tin forcefulness out gustation seafood, similar fish caput soup which tin forcefulness out move obtained inwards the diner on the route Subrantas Ranai HR Forces, the Natuna. Visitors tin forcefulness out too larn master copy love Natuna sold inwards shops together with stalls inwards Ranai Natuna.

Navigating the Natuna quite challenging together with changing the long trip shipping to the Natuna eventually move paid off alongside its natural beauty.

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