Destinationsinbali; Merapi Volcano, Yogyakarta

Merapi volcano is ane of the world's most active as well as unsafe volcanoes. It contains an active lava dome which regularly produces pyroclastic flows. Eruptions occur at intervals of 1-5 years as well as are of depression gas pressure. Since magma is hapless inwards gas, eruptions are unremarkably less than VEI iii inwards size.
Merapi is ane of the most active volcanoes inwards Republic of Indonesia as well as has produced to a greater extent than pyroclastic flows than whatsoever other volcano inwards the world. It has been active for 10,000 years.

Most eruptions of Merapi involve a collapse of the lava dome creating pyroclastic flows which go half dozen to vii km from the summit. Some awan panas convey traveled equally far equally xiii km from the summit, such equally the deposit generated during the 1969 eruption. Velocity of pyroclastic flows tin accomplish upward to 110 km/hour. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 deadening upward flow of andesitic magma leads to an extrusion of glutinous magma, which accumulate as well as build a dome inwards the crater.

Violent Eruptions at Merapi volcano
There is prove that the electrical flow depression degree of activeness may live interrupted past times larger explosive eruptions. Eruptions of Merapi volcano during the 7–19th centuries A.D. were to a greater extent than vehement than the past times hundred years, as well as produced explosion pyroclastic flows. Widespread pyroclastic flows as well as surges traveled upward to 25 km downward the flanks of Merapi.
Scientists predict that the placidity of the 20th century volition live broken past times a larger
explosive eruption inside coming decades. (Scientific study published inwards 2000).

2010 Eruption
Merapi volcano was raised to degree iii alarm (out of a maximum 4) due to inflation as well as volcanic earthquakes on 21st Oct 2010. Sand miners were asked to halt all activity, as well as people advised non to climb the volcano.
Merapi volcano erupted on 26th Oct 2010 killing xiii people.

2006 Eruptions
Seismic activeness began increasing at Merapi volcano inwards March 2006, as well as 10,000 residents were prepared for evacuation. On tenth Apr people were banned from climbing the volcano. On twelfth Apr the Alert Level was raided from ii to 3. An 8 km exclusion zone was placed simply about the volcano. On 27th Apr nearly 2,000 villagers were evacuated from Sidorejo as well as Tegalmulyo villages simply about Merapi volcano. On 13th May, the Alert Level was raised to the highest degree 4, as well as nigh 4,500 people living nigh the volcano were evacuated. On 15th May pyroclastic flows traveled upward to iv km west. By 16th May, to a greater extent than than 22,000 people had been evacuated. On eighth June, the lava-dome increment charge per unit of measurement at Merapi was an estimated 100,000 cubic meters per day, amongst an estimated book of iv 1000000 cubic meters. Pyroclastic flows as well as rockfalls decreased inwards frequency as well as intensity later on 28th June 2006.

2001 Eruption
Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 major eruption began at Merapi volcano on tenth Feb 2001. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 30-minute-long pyroclastic flow occurred at 0200 hr. At 0330 hr at that topographic point was a collapse of the 1998 lava dome which ejected ash v km to a higher house the summit as well as produced a pyroclastic flows that extended vii km inwards the administration of the Sabbatum River.

1998 Eruptions
Activity at Merapi volcano began increasing inwards July 1998. On 11th July 37 nuées ardentes occurred betwixt midnight as well as 0500 hr. Between 11-19 July, 128 nuées ardentes occurred, including a potent pyroclastic ash as well as block flow at 1500 on 19th July.

1994 Eruptions
On 22nd Nov 1994, a large issue of dome-collapse nuees ardentes were generated over a catamenia of several hours at Merapi volcano. The nuees ardentes descended mainly the Boyong valley as well as the Bedog valley, a tributary of the Krasak-Kecil valley. This was inwards contrast to the 1984 as well as 1992 flows which traveled alone towards the southwest as well as west.

1986-87 Eruptions
Lava dome formation at Merapi volcano inwards 1986-87 was the largest since 1973.

1968 Eruptions
At the terminate of May 1968 a lava natural language had extended 875 m as well as was the trial of novel lava done extrusion later on the 1967 collapse. The issue of avalanches from the lava natural language were 1432 inwards June, 1370 July, 329 August, as well as 12 inwards September. Renewed activeness began at Merapi volcano inwards Oct 1968 amongst an increasing issue of lava avalanches.

1967 Eruptions
Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 lava dome extruded inwards Apr 1967 at the upper Batang River on the SW gradient of Merapi volcano. The dome collapsed inwards Oct 1967.

1822 Lahar
Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 hot lahar at Merapi volcano on 28th Dec 1822 destroyed iv villages amongst 100 casualties.

Merapi Volcano Eruptions

2010, 2007, 2006, 2001-02, 1992-98, 1972-90, 1971, 1967-69, 1961, 1953-58, 1948-49, 1944-45, 1942-43, 1939-40, 1933-35, 1930-31, 1924, 1923, 1922, 1920-21, 1918, 1915, 1909-13, 1908, 1906-07, 1905, 1902-04, 1902, 1897, 1894, 1893, 1891, 1889, 1888, ?1885, 1883-84, 1878-79, 1872-73, 1872, 1869, 1865-67, 1862-64, ?1854, 1849, ?1848, 1846-47, 1846, 1840, 1837-38, 1832-35, 1828, 1822-23, 1820-22, 1812-13, 1810, 1807, 1797, 1786, 1755, 1752, 1745, 1678, 1677, 1672, 1663, 1658, 1587, 1584, 1560, 1554, 1548, 7630 BC.


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