Indonesia Attractions: Lombok - Selong Belanak Fine Sandy Beach

The beach is the beach Selong Belanak rarely visited past times tourists despite beingness inwards an expanse non far from the metropolis of Mataram Selong Belanak exactly inwards the Village, District Praya, Central Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara. Unlike the beaches of Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno together with Gili Air that oftentimes is inwards amount swing, Selong Belanak otherwise. The beach was deserted together with inwards a bay, but its beauty is non lost alongside the Kuta together with Senggigi Beach. Fine white sand. Even in all likelihood the nearly refined inwards comparing to other beaches inwards Lombok.

Walk barefoot, you'll experience how the white sand inwards Selong Belanak highly maintained continuity. Down the coast inwards the afternoon spell playing on his lips that construct clean H2O is a pleasance inwards itself. The waves are gentle because Selong Belanak at bay, the air current is non likewise potent breezy. Silence made every bit if the beach is your beach. There are alone a few fishermen who are residents Selonng Belanak together with fro. You are costless to play every bit much. For hunter photos, landscapes Selong Belanak y'all must capture. Its beautiful sunset alongside orangish heaven clean. Truly a paradise inwards Central Lombok. It does non wound also to climb the loma earlier going to the beach. You volition teach a panoramic sentiment of the beach Selong Belanak beautiful loma top. Yes, the beauty of the beach Selong Belanak also contributed non alone past times the bluish sea together with white sand, but the cluster of light-green hill. The combination of green, white together with bluish is what makes beauty Selong Belanak complete. No wonder together with then many tell splashed inwards Selong Belanak non plenty if alone 1 or two hours. You'll desire to linger inwards this hidden beach.

You tin plow over the sack also sit down on the beach spell enjoying grilled fish fishermen conduct grip of local residents. Do non forget combined alongside spicy sauce typical of Lombok. Savory. On the westward coast in that place is indeed township residents who receive got livelihood of fishermen. Selong Belanak non alone tourists but also spoil crops for local people. In this hamlet in that place are several stalls serving java together with snacks provided past times the wives of fishermen to hangout. No wonder around of the fishermen who had simply returned to sea cool to swap stories at these stalls. Anyway, line-fishing vessels is various residents also add together excitement Belanak Selong coast. The natural beauty combined alongside human civilization.

For those who desire to view Selong Belanak, y'all tin plow over the sack depart from Mataram to rent a auto or motorcycle. The route was shine together with it alone takes two hours. However, dissimilar even out if you're heading Selong Belanak of Sekotong. The course of report is broken alone suitable for y'all who actually desire around other challenge, although admittedly if through this route y'all volition hold upwards given a sentiment that is quite beautiful. To come upwards to this beach nosotros exercise non accuse for parking or costless except a motorbike or auto that y'all take.

Visitors unremarkably exercise non remain Selong Belanak. They come upwards inwards the forenoon or during the twenty-four hr menstruum until sunset arrives. Due to the lack of lodging together with hotels, tourists would rather conduct to remain inwards the downtown expanse to brand it to a greater extent than flexible spell visiting around of the other sights.

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