Destinationsinbali; Kelimutu: The Tricolored Lakes

Kelimutu Lake on Mount Kelimutu, Ende, Flores has 3 smaller lakes located side yesteryear side to it. The lakes look to own got unlike colors that modify over fourth dimension due to volcanic activity which started 1000000 years ago. In the entire world, this color changing phenomenon solely occurs at Kelimutu.


Presently, these 3 lakes own got black-green color inwards the far due east lake, greenish inwards the middle lake, in addition to dark inwards the due west lake. Previously, the far due east lake was ruby in addition to the middle lake was blue.

The local community considers these lakes a sacred place, where the souls of the dead lie. The refer Kelimutu itself was derived from the give-and-take ‘keli’, agency ‘mountain’, in addition to ‘mutu’, agency ‘boil’. The East lake is every bit good called “tiwu ata polo” or lake for evil spirits, piece the middle i is called “tiwu nua muri koo fai” or lake for immature souls, in addition to the due west lake is called “tiwu ata mbupu” or lake for elderly in addition to wise peoples souls. Lake Kelimutu in addition to its spectacular panorama are similar a shot a real pop tourist attraction.

Getting There
Kelimutu is situated inwards Koanara village, Wolowaru sub-district, Ende Regency, nigh 66 kilometers from Ende urban nub in addition to 83 kilometer from Maumere City. Moni is a hamlet at the pes of Mount Kelimutu. It is the gate to Lake Kelimutu. The distance betwixt Moni in addition to Kelimutu is fifteen kilometers.

You tin accept a motor taxi, auto or populace shipping to accept you lot to a parking lot earlier Kelimutu peak. Buses plying the Ende-Maumere road volition transcend Moni. From there, you lot must walk xxx minutes along the mount side.

Every day, in that location are flights from Denpasar in addition to Kupang to Maumere. To Ende, daily flights solely come upward from Kupang. If you lot are interested inwards making a long trip inwards Flores, you lot tin maiden off from Maumere inwards the due west in addition to catch Kelimutu, Ende, Bajawa, Ruteng in addition to lastly Labuan Bajo (Komodo) or vice versa if starting from the east.

Getting Around
Kelimutu expanse is surrounded alongside wood containing floras that are scarcely establish inwards Flores area. Other than pines, in that location are every bit good casuarinas, ruby wood in addition to edelweiss. Pine wood grows good inwards this side of Kelimutu Mountain. The other side of the mount is dried province alongside highly unstable sand in addition to soil. Local community believes that Kelimutu Mountain is sacred in addition to donates fertility to the nature nearby.

Visitors tin solely walk unopen to Lake Kelimutu only non all areas tin live explored because some are unsafe in addition to thus restricted. From Moni to Kelimutu, if you lot similar to larn trekking, in that location is a path which is shorter than the auto access route.

Distance from Moni to the top is nigh 12 kilometer (km). The distance to the parking lot yesteryear motor vehicle is xi kilometer, in addition to and so visitors volition climb on pes through the pathway for xxx minutes. 

To Do
Morning is the best fourth dimension to witness the beauty of Kelimutu Lake. Close to the midday in addition to at eventide the scenery of Kelimutu Lake is blocked alongside thick mist.

Other than the scenery of Kelimutu Lake, visitors tin taste Flores’s hilly topography from the peak of Mount Kelimutu, during a sunny day. Or the beauty panorama at Kelimutu National Park. There’s the Conservation, containing pines in addition to casuarinas trees which are sights for sore eyes.

Tired of hearing auto horns? Listen to the chirp of birds inhabiting Kelimutu National Park. Or feed the many long-tail monkeys inwards the wood to the south.

Kelimutu area’s every bit good adorned alongside cultural wealth similar traditional houses, traditional dances in addition to woven clothing of Flores. In addition, in that location are hot H2O sources, waterfall, in addition to tradition settlements that you lot tin catch along the way.

The best fourth dimension to catch is July to September. But if you lot missed that period, you lot tin witness a local tradition inwards mid-October when the community offers livestocks for paa loka (religious offerings).

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