Indonesia Attractions: Lombok - Tanjung Aan Alongside A Unique Beach Alongside Sand

Tanjung Aan beach following to the Kuta beach inward Lombok. Interestingly, Tanjung Aan beach sand similar grains of pepper.

Sand beach does own got a unique texture. Expanse of sand similar grains of pepper. Up the beach, your feet volition notwithstanding experience the texture of it. However, inward the hills close the beach that visitors tin ride yous no longer experience the sand pepper but rattling fine white sand. This is supposedly a pepper sand formations of coral fossils. Try stepping barefoot, hence nosotros volition experience our feet similar a massage past times sand that touches every nerve.

From this loma yous volition come across a compelling sentiment of Tanjung Aan. Expanse of bluish-green body of body of water in addition to white sand combined loma on the other side makes it rattling beautiful. For photographers, this scene is rattling honey to miss. Sunrise from the loma is also worth to yous only caught. 

The appeal of the others are Cape Aan beach is notwithstanding rattling quiet. Only a few tourists who come upwards in addition to sunbathe only about the beach. Others select to swim or only play water. This beach lonely because no i only about the resort or hotel that stands. So, despite beingness non far from Mataram, Tanjung Aan beach remains promising silence. Suitable for yous who practise non similar the atmosphere also frenzied. The expanse of the beach is non kickoff past times the many visitors allows yous to hold out able to search for exceptional angles without having to mingle with other tourists at i point. Tanjung Aan beach is notwithstanding rattling clean. Almost no trash except fallen leaves scattered on the beach. For those who traveled with the family, 1km long beach is suitable to hold out the finish of selection because that tends overhanging the body of body of water to the mainland. The waves are gentle no impairment to children. Although yous should notwithstanding hold out careful because the to a greater extent than to the middle, the depth of the steep beach.

To accomplish this place, yous tin rent a motorcar from Mataram takes nigh ii hours. Because amongst Kuta beach, yous tin remain at several hotels inward the Kuta area

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