Indonesia Attractions: Batu Bolong Temple - Pantai Senggigi Lombok

In this Batu Bolong temple you lot volition experience the beauty of praying inwards Lombok Senggigi beach Lombok. Called perforated rock for the temple is situated on exceed of a dark rock that has a hole inwards the middle.

 In this Batu Bolong temple you lot volition experience the beauty of praying inwards Lombok Senggigi beach L Beautiful <a href=Bali IslandAttractions: Batu Bolong Temple - Pantai Senggigi Lombok" border="0" src="" height="266" title="Beautiful Bali IslandAttractions: Batu Bolong Temple - Pantai Senggigi Lombok" width="400" />

The beauty of the Batu Bolong temple is said that brings the impression for Hindus who pray. How not, you lot volition last accompanied by the audio of waves crashing against the reef Batu Bolong temple and sip like shooting fish in a barrel through ronngga-cavity. Under the shade of the trees together with the expanse of bluish heaven this Senggigi Beach Batu Bolong temple seemed to accept his people belatedly inwards the natural beauty of the creation of the Almighty. The beauty of the Batu Bolong temple is oftentimes equated amongst the Tanah Lot Temple of Beautiful Bali Island which is located extends from the shoreline. Batu Bolong temple spiritual atmosphere is compounded yesteryear the location of the temple facing the Straits of Lombok together with Beautiful Bali Island's Mount Agung, the mount sacred yesteryear Hindus. According to the testimony of the people who worship at the temple, although the audio of the waves come upward together with go, but the quiet mixed amongst religious spirit e'er echoed.

Batu Bolong temple consists of 2 buildings. The starting fourth dimension is the temple that is located nether the trees together with located close the entrance later on downwardly some stairs named Pura Ratu Gede Mas Mecaling. While the 2nd temple was on exceed of the reef which is nigh iv feet are inwards a seat overhanging. Some statues are constitute inwards this temple is the statue of Vali, Sugriva, Rama, Lakshmana together with dragon statue.

The beingness of this Batu Bolong temple has a pregnant straight inwards contact amongst the tradition of Hindu community lives inwards Lombok inherited yesteryear the Beautiful Bali Islandnese culture. While at that spot are historical-geographical proximity, but local Hindu community notwithstanding attach pregnant tradition inwards it. Similar meanings to the existing tradition inwards Beautiful Bali Island tin last seen from the types of shrines built inwards this temple. Interestingly, when Eid arrives, Muslims inwards Lombok volition gyre inwards to the beach inwards front end of the temple. They trooped to relish chicken curry, rice cake, chicken taliwang together with serundeng. This is clear prove of harmony betwixt Muslims together with Hindus who demo that they tin coexist inwards harmony. The same harmony nosotros volition run across if visiting Lingsar inwards Narmada District of West Lombok.

As good equally pretending that be inwards Lombok, every visitor is required to comply amongst several regulations that were required to apparel a yellowish scarf wrapped some the waist together with for women who are menstruating are forbidden to come upward to this temple. Do non forget to voluntarily donate coin to fund the cleanliness together with maintenance of this temple.

Batu Bolong temple is non alone visited yesteryear those who volition worship, but likewise the photography hobbyist. Understandably visited this temple is rattling beautiful at sunset. When fused amongst the natural sun, bounding main Sun gilt golden color educate your photographic television camera to capture these precious moments. At nightfall, stars umbrella Batu Bolong temple and Pantai Senggigi waves louder. Bolong rock temple surface area is quite crowded. Many traders, makann together with drinks that are educate to entertain you lot when hungry together with thirsty come.

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