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You convey non been to Yogyakarta consummate if yous convey non tasted Gudeg. Warm is a nutrient made from immature jackfruit cooked with spices in addition to kokosnoot milk for hours. Besides jackfruit, warm unremarkably given extra tofu, tempeh, eggs in addition to shredded chicken in addition to sambal goreng krecek. It tastes good, savory in addition to sugariness create a favorite nutrient warm in addition to well-known inwards Yogyakarta.

Bakmi Java

Java noodle noodles consists of 2 kinds, namely moisture xanthous noodles in addition to vermicelli. Java is unremarkably cooked noodles using Anglo in addition to it makes noodles Java has a dissimilar taste. Presented along with eggs, a sprinkling of fried onions in addition to celery brand this Yogja typical nutrient was tasty. Not difficult to honor Bami Java, every bit a culinary 1 is sold with the streets of Yogyakarta.

Sate klathak

Sate klathak a legendary nutrient inwards Yogyakarta. Satay is really unique because role bike spokes that are made of iron. Klathak satay made from immature caprine animal meat solely given a niggling sprinkling of tabular array salt in addition to pepper, in addition to thence baked. Without additional soy sauce in addition to other condiments made from the master freshness of caprine animal meat is really pronounced in addition to it is a hallmark of Sate klathak. Satay is commonly establish inwards Bantul dn is perfect eaten with white rice are given gravy.

Sego Pecel

Sego agency rice, in addition to pecel are vegetables with peanut sauce. Although simple, this Pecel Sego really delicious in addition to makes yous desire to swallow it back. Sego Pecel contains a sprinkling of vegetables with peanut sauce sugariness in addition to spicy. It likewise provided a choice of side dishes such every bit egg, bakwan, satay eggs in addition to tofu in addition to tempeh.

Yogyakarta Information Support: Important Phone


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