Destinationsinbali; Asu Island, Nias

Asu Island has many beaches amongst crystal clear body of body of water H2O too soft white sand. As far every bit the oculus could see, looks bluish heaven meets the bluish body of body of water on a apartment trace of piece of occupation limit. Coconut palm trees waving inwards the current of air chime to the beat of the waves, making the atmosphere was peaceful too calm.

On this beach y'all tin sunbathe, swim, dive, or simply play it. As for y'all who similar to surf, this beach is a bang-up identify for you. The waves hither tin accomplish 3-4 meters, too hence rattling proficient for surfing. But y'all too own got to last careful, because inwards some places the beach has rocks sharp.

Asu Island. This remote island, including the Hinako Islands too is i of Indonesia's outer islands. Extensive isle around xviii km2, amongst residents notwithstanding about xxx heads of families.

The province of affairs is calm, comfortable, too friendly local residents, volition brand y'all experience at dwelling identify for long remain on the isle of Asu. On this isle y'all tin perform a diversity of activities, from sunbathing on the beach, swimming, tracking about the island, fishing, to surfing.

Although the location is rattling remote isle of Asu too far from the luxurious facilities, this does non cut back the involvement of tourists to visit. It was seen from the involvement of tourists who come upwardly there. They create non simply come upwardly from Indonesia, many of whom are unusual tourists.

Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 walk about the isle of Asu on human foot next the coastline. Along the means you're probable to discovery a leafage earrings-earrings (scaveola tacada), local residents telephone telephone it leaf-Rafe Rafe. This leaves including difficult to discovery inwards other places too business office every bit anti-diabetes drug. or sitting on the border of the beach spell enjoying the sunset, when the Sun is located inwards the western horizon is piece of cake sinking into the seabed.

Fishing, this identify provides a boat tin last rented. Fishing at nighttime volition render its ain charm too experience. Sky without a cloud too decorated amongst stars volition last the most amazing scenery. plankton that glow about the ship to brand a magical too serene atmosphere.

Administratively Asu Island is inwards the Sub Sirombu, Nias regency, North Sumatra, Indonesia.

To accomplish the isle of Asu, y'all tin role a airplane from Medan Polonia Airport to Airport Binaka, Gunung Sitoli, Nias District. From Mount Sitoli y'all movement on to Sirombu, this journeying takes 1-2 hours. From Sirombu at that topographic point are ii choices to give-up the ghost to the isle of Asu. You tin ride or role a regular boat speed boat.

Although the remote location, Asu Island has some complex features a uncomplicated cottage. Each complex consists of 5-6 units of houses on stilts., Shops or restaurants that render nutrient for the tourists. hire boats for angling inwards the sea. or staying diKecamatan Sirombu to a greater extent than comfortable. [source: fotowisata.wp]

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