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Anambas archipelago (Indonesian: Kepulauan Anambas) is a minor archipelago of Indonesia, located inwards the South Red People's Republic of China Sea betwixt the Malaysian mainland to the westward as well as the isle of Kalimantan to the east. Geographically purpose of the Tudjuh Archipelago], it is administratively a regency as well as purpose of the Riau Islands Province.

Get There (source)
By Air:
Anambas is served alone yesteryear Riau Airlines which flies to Pulau Matak, "gateway" of the Anambas Islands . This airline operates thrice weekly Fokker-50 flights from Tanjung Pinang's Kijang Airfield on the Island of Bintan. Bintan is connected yesteryear hourly fast ferry from Singapore. If yous larn out from Singapore at 07.00AM yesteryear boat to Tanjung Pinang on Bintan, yous are able to connect to the Riau Airlines flying which brings yous on the Earth inwards Matak Airfield at 12.00 Noon. The airport, owned yesteryear ConocoPhilips for offshore drilling as well as natural gas explorations, besides serves equally a domestic concluding .

By Boat:
Best is to locomote to as well as around Anambas yesteryear yacht or live-aboard from Singapore, Batam or Bintan.
Twice a calendar month the Pelni transportation lines has a ferry, the KM Bukit Raya that calls on Kota Tarempa (the Archipelago's working capital missive of the alphabet "City") on Siantan Island. You tin grab it from the Tanjung Priok harbour inwards Jakarta, Capital of Indonesia. Sailing times are prone to delays. This boat besides delivers well-nigh all the necessary goods to the Islands.

Some Places inwards Anambas Archipelago

Temurun Falls

Langok Island

Semut (Ants) Island

Temawan Island

Bawah Island


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