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Bali Island

Bali is a province of Republic of Indonesia which is located betwixt the islands of Java together with Lombok island, Bali isle is also usually referred to every bit The Island Of Thousands Temples, The Island of Gods, together with Bali Dwipa, Bali also has several pocket-size islands are also included inward the province of Bali, including the isle of Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan Island, Nusa Ceningan island, Serangan Island together with Menjangan Island.

The upper-case alphabetic quality of Bali is Denpasar, located inward the S of the island, the isle of Bali is renowned every bit a footing tourism goal amongst unique fine art together with culture. Bali isle is the best house for a vacation amongst the footing grade accommodation.

Bali Island
Bali History
Bali Geography
Bali Administrative Divisions
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Bali History

Bali was inhabited yesteryear about 2000 BC yesteryear Austronesian peoples who migrated originally from Taiwan through Maritime Southeast Asia. Culturally together with linguistically, the Balinese are therefore closely related to the peoples of the Indonesian archipelago, Malaysia, the Philippines, together with Oceania.

Stone tools dating from this fourth dimension convey been found close the hamlet of Cekik inward the island's west. In ancient Bali, nine Hindu sects existed, namely Pasupata, Bhairawa, Siwa Shidanta, Waisnawa, Bodha, Brahma, Resi, Sora, together with Ganapatya. Each sect revered a specific deity every bit its personal Godhead.

Balinese civilisation was strongly influenced yesteryear Indian, Chinese, together with peculiarly Hindu culture, start about the 1st century AD. The scream Bali Dwipa ("Bali island") has been discovered from diverse inscriptions, including the Blanjong pillar inscription written yesteryear Sri Kesari Warmadewa inward 914 AD together with mentioning "Walidwipa".

It was during this fourth dimension that the complex irrigation organisation Subak was developed to grow rice. Some religious together with cultural traditions silent inward existence today tin move traced dorsum to this period. The Hindu Majapahit Empire (1293–1520 AD) on eastern Java founded a Balinese colony inward 1343. When the empire declined, in that place was an exodus of intellectuals, artists, priests, together with musicians from Java to Bali inward the 15th century.

Bali is a province of Republic of Indonesia which is located betwixt the islands of Java together with Lombok is DestinationsinBali; Bali: History About The Island Of Gods

The foremost European contact amongst Bali is idea to convey been made inward 1585 when a Portuguese transportation foundered off the Bukit peninsula together with left a few Portuguese inward the service of Dewa Agung. In 1597 the Dutch explorer Cornelis de Houtman arrived at Bali and, amongst the establishment of the Dutch East Republic of Republic of India Company inward 1602, the phase was prepare for colonial command ii together with a one-half centuries subsequently when Dutch command expanded across the Indonesian archipelago throughout the 2nd one-half of the nineteenth century (see Dutch East Indies).

Dutch political together with economical command over Bali began inward the 1840s on the island's northward coast when the Dutch pitted diverse distrustful Balinese realms against each other. In the belatedly 1890s, struggles betwixt Balinese kingdoms inward the island's S were exploited yesteryear the Dutch to growth their control.

The Dutch mounted large naval together with footing assaults at the Sanur part inward 1906 together with were met yesteryear the thousands of members of the imperial business solid unit of measurement together with their followers who fought against the superior Dutch forcefulness inward a suicidal Puputan defensive assail rather than appear upward the humiliation of surrender. Despite Dutch demands for surrender, an estimated 1,000 Balinese marched to their decease against the invaders.

In the Dutch intervention inward Bali (1908), a similar massacre occurred inward the appear upward of a Dutch assail inward Klungkung. Afterward, the Dutch governors were able to practice administrative command over the island, but local command over religion together with civilisation by together with large remained intact. Dutch dominion over Bali came subsequently together with was never every bit good established every bit inward other parts of Republic of Indonesia such every bit Java together with Maluku.

In the 1930s, anthropologists Margaret Mead together with Gregory Bateson, together with artists Miguel Covarrubias together with Walter Spies, together with musicologist Colin McPhee created a western ikon of Bali every bit "an enchanted solid reason of aesthetes at peace amongst themselves together with nature", together with western tourism foremost developed on the island.

Imperial Nihon occupied Bali during World War II. Bali Island was non originally a target inward their Netherlands East Indies Campaign, but every bit the airfields on Kalimantan were inoperative due to heavy rains the Imperial Japanese Army decided to occupy Bali, which did non endure from the comparable weather.

The isle had no regular Royal Netherlands East Indies Army (KNIL) troops. There was but a Native Auxiliary Corps Prajoda (Korps Prajoda) consisting of virtually 600 native soldiers together with several Dutch KNIL officers nether command of KNIL Lieutenant Colonel W.P. Roodenburg. On 19 Feb 1942, the Japanese forces landed close the town of Senoer (Sanur). The isle was rapidly captured.

During the Japanese trouble a Balinese armed forces officer, I Gusti Ngurah Rai, formed a Balinese 'freedom army'. The lack of institutional changes from the fourth dimension of Dutch rule, however, together with the harshness of state of war requisitions made Japanese dominion trivial ameliorate than the Dutch one. Following Japan's Pacific give upward inward August 1945, the Dutch promptly returned to Indonesia, including Bali, similar a shot to reinstate their pre-war colonial administration.

This was resisted yesteryear the Balinese rebels at nowadays using Japanese weapons. On twenty Nov 1946, the Battle of Marga was fought inward Tabanan inward cardinal Bali. Colonel I Gusti Ngurah Rai, yesteryear together with so 29 years old, finally rallied his forces inward cardinal Bali at Marga Rana, where they made a suicide onset on the heavily armed Dutch.

The Balinese battalion was solely wiped out, breaking the in conclusion thread of Balinese armed forces resistance. In 1946 the Dutch constituted Bali every bit i of the xiii administrative districts of the newly proclaimed State of East Indonesia, a competitor nation to the Republic of Republic of Indonesia which was proclaimed together with headed yesteryear Soekarno together with Hatta. Bali was included inward the "Republic of the USA of Indonesia" when the Netherlands recognized Indonesian independence on 29 Dec 1949.

Bali Geography

The isle of Bali lies 3.2 km (2 mi) due east of Java together with is or so 8 degrees S of the equator. Bali together with Java are separated yesteryear the Bali Strait. East to the west, the isle is or so 153 km (95 mi) broad together with spans or so 112 km (69 mi) northward to south; its solid reason expanse is 5,632 km².

Bali's cardinal mountains include several peaks over 3,000 meters inward elevation. The highest is Mount Agung (3,142 m), known every bit the "mother mountain" which is an active volcano. Mountains arrive at from oculus to the eastern side, amongst Mount Agung the easternmost peak. Bali's volcanic nature has contributed to its particular fertility together with its tall mount ranges furnish the high rainfall that supports the highly productive agriculture sector.

South of the mountains is a broad, steadily descending expanse where most of Bali's large rice crop is grown. The northern side of the mountains slopes to a greater extent than steeply to the body of body of water together with is the principal java producing expanse of the island, along amongst rice, vegetables, together with cattle. The longest river, Ayung River, flows or so 75 km.

The isle is surrounded yesteryear coral reefs. Beaches inward the S tend to convey white sand piece those inward the northward together with westward convey dark sand. Bali has no major waterways, although the Ho River is navigable yesteryear pocket-size sampan boats. Black sand beaches betwixt Pasut together with Klatingdukuh are existence developed for tourism, but apart from the seaside temple of Tanah Lot, they are non yet used for pregnant tourism.

The largest metropolis is the provincial capital, Denpasar, close the southern coast. Its population is about 491,500 (2002). Bali's second-largest metropolis is the sometime colonial capital, Singaraja, which is located on the northward coast together with is domicile to about 100,000 people. Other of import cities include the beach resort, Kuta, which is practically portion of Denpasar's urban area, together with Ubud, situated at the northward of Denpasar, is the island's cultural center.

Three pocket-size islands prevarication to the immediate southeast together with all are administratively portion of the Klungkung regency of Bali: Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan, together with Nusa Ceningan. These islands are separated from Bali yesteryear the Badung Strait.

To the east, the Lombok Strait separates Bali from Lombok together with marks the biogeographical partitioning betwixt the animal of the Indomalayan ecozone together with the distinctly unlike animal of Australasia. The transition is known every bit the Wallace Line, named after Alfred Russel Wallace, who foremost proposed a transition zone betwixt these ii major biomes. When body of body of water levels dropped during the Pleistocene H2O ice age, Bali was connected to Java together with Sumatra together with to the mainland of Asia together with shared the Asian fauna, but the deep H2O of the Lombok Strait continued to maintain Lombok together with the Lesser Sunda archipelago isolated.

Bali Administrative Divisions

The province is divided into 8 regencies (Kabupaten) together with 1 metropolis (Kota), These are:

NameCapitalArea inward km²
Jembrana RegencyNegara841.80
Tabanan RegencyTabanan839.30
Badung RegencyMangupura418.52
Gianyar RegencyGianyar368.00
Klungkung RegencySemarapura315.00
Bangli RegencyBangli520.81
Karangasem RegencyAmlapura839.54
Buleleng RegencySingaraja1,365.88
Denpasar CityDenpasar123.98

Bali Map

Location together with Map of Bali island powered yesteryear Google Maps

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