Destinationsinbali; Sabang, The Hidden Paradise At The Tip Of Sumatra

Sabang is widely known equally a port named "Kolen Station" past times the Dutch since 1881. In 1887, the Firm assisted Delange Sabang Haven obtain authority add, construct the port facilities in addition to supporting infrastructure. Free port inwards Sabang era began inwards 1895, known past times the term "vrij Haven", in addition to managed past times Kolen en Zeehaven Maatschaappij Station hereinafter known past times the cite of Sabang Maatschaappij. In 1942, Japanese troops occupied Sabang, in addition to thence bombarded past times the Allied Aircraft in addition to suffered physical impairment until after forced to survive closed.

However, directly Sabang has changed a lot. Various tourism potential tin nosotros take in there.

Sabang is a metropolis located on the isle called the isle of Weh, agency Separate Island. The isle is situated inwards the northern metropolis of Banda Aceh amongst a distance of roughly eighteen miles in addition to tin survive reached during the 2 hours past times ferry boat. In this surface area in that place are many other pocket-sized islands such equally isle Rubiah in addition to Breeh Island. Sabang has many attractions to take in in addition to was already good known to unusual countries. If nosotros are heading west, until at the western tip in that place is a monument called Zero Kilometer Statue, the monument is a sign where the starting indicate for extensive calculations of Republic of Indonesia from Sabang until Meuroke.
Zero Kilometer Statue

Rubiah Island tourist objects had the potential beauty beneath the sea. Coral reefs in addition to colorful fish that are hidden paradise on the island. Small ship takes nigh 2 hours to circular the island. Rent per boat cost exclusively Rp 200,000, - which tin survive carrying upwardly to 10 persons. Rubiah isle was uninhabited, simply many tourists who come upwardly hither for fishing, fish such equally grouper, large squid, in addition to many others.

Rubiah Island

Before you lot arrived at Iboih in addition to Rubiah Island, in that place are all the same other Tourism, namely Gapang beach that is exclusively iv km from the town of Sabang. This surface area also has attractions the beautiful white sand. Here are also available cottages for rent, for lease permalam subject type, is available from the cost of Rp 150,000, - to Rp 300.000 .-

Gapang Gate

In this beach you lot tin taste a multifariousness of nutrient servings. But the principal role of the tourists hither is for diving in addition to snorkeling. We tin rent the tools needed for diving. Only Rp 50.000, - per mortal you lot tin dive much equally you lot like, if thirsty provided thence many immature kokosnoot juice in addition to quite tasty.


Welcome to Sabang! 

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