Bali Indonesia Travel Map: Toya Spa Bali

Toya SPA is 1 time form of torso handling that combine H2O alongside traditional treatment. The Balinese architectural mode inwards the SPA villas, combined alongside the countryside atmosphere alongside luxury facilities similar pools, sauna, steam, jacuzzi, mount H2O jump that could inspire a positive energy, feelings, beauty together with relaxation.Toya SPA offers the treatments equally :
  • Balinese Massage 1 Hour : Massage using Balinese technical, acupressure, pressure, together with clap perfect for blood circulation, stress pose out together with relaxation the torso lightness. 
  • Aromatherapy Massage 1 Hour : Aromatherapy combined alongside massage, adept pressure level to relax the torso together with convey peace to the soul.
  • Shiatsu Massage 1 Hour : Working together with specific points of the torso to amend blood circulation, metabolism together with health.
  • Stone Massage two Hours : Warm natural rock transmit unloose energy oestrus glide to a higher house rattling attention relaxes muscle, lighten the emotion effect, amend circulation of blood, together with select the downhill upshot torso cholesterol.
  • Lulur Body Treatment two Hours : Lulur is a ancient heritage from Republic of Indonesia which on the sometime times, is used entirely yesteryear kings  on kingdom's of import occasion/event. Lulur is an effective agency to elevator upwards whatever reason together with insensitive skin, loose unpleasant torso odor, forbid wrinkles, exercise a shiny skin. The ingredients were made from wild ginger, rise, cinnamon, lotus seed, together with other selective.
  • Nyuh Gading Body Treatment two Hours : Nyuh Gading is a kokosnoot fruit that are oftentimes used at religious event. It is rattling useful for the torso to brand your peel shinning, elevator upwards whatever insensitive skin, gain nutrient for the skin. It is made from coconut, lotus seed, light-green edible bean mixed alongside efficacious spices.
  • Boreh Body Treatment two Hours : Boreh is a rattling efficacious gene for Balinese people from the sometime times until the introduce time, which were used to loose whatever musculus ache, repair the blood circulation, forbid rheumatic, warm upwards body, pose out you lot from catching a old. The ingredients were made from cherry rice, galingale together with high lineament spices.
  • Usada Bali Body Treatment two Hours : The usada bali is made from the foliage of dadap mixed alongside aloe foliage together with other efficacious foliage equally a medicine. this Usada is used for treating together with moisturize the skin.
  • Avocado Body Treatment two Hours : Avocado is natural source of beauty for the skin, amount of vitamin together with natural oils that volition gain your peel smoothness together with natural glow.
  • Green Tea Body Treatment two Hours : Tea is something nosotros demand inwards life. Green tea is a pop gene of torso health. This handling volition clear your peel from dead cells, giving the torso nutrient, deodorize body, brightening the skin, anti oxidant, anti peel cancer together with cellulite. The combination of light-green tea, white rice, light-green bean, soy bean, orange, lotus bean, together with essential cempaka, frangipani good hold upwards used for heavenly treatment.
  • Seaweed Masker Body Treatment two Hours : The richness of the sea has a lot of potential for the wellness together with beauty. Seaweed inwards 1 of the virtually powerful gene the aid clear the peel together with toxins nutrient, forbid wrinkles, exercise a shiny peel together with anti aging. The seaweed masker is a combination of seaweed, lotus seed, roots, bengkuang together with light-green bean.
  • Milk Bath Body Treatment two Hours : Milk alongside poly peptide content together with calcium attention inwards increase together with health. Milk is equally good utilized equally handling of the torso adept for nutrient, whiten, anti oxidant, moisturizer, forbid wrinkles together with exercise a shiny skin. Made of milk amount cream, skim milk, grist seed, vanilla, lotus seed, together with bengukuang.
  • Honey Treatment 1,5 Hours : dear is the materials are rattling rich of vitamin together with mineral. Honey combined alongside lemon is a adept for freshness together with peel nutrient.


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