Bali Destinations: The Beauty Of Kelimutu Lake

Kelimutu Lake is located at Flores Island, Nusa Tenggara Barat. The mount too the lake decease favorit topographic point for tourist from all to a greater extent than or less the world. The mount itself has iii crates on the peak. One of uniqueness of Kelimutu’s craters are having dissimilar color, i.e , blue, cherry too white color. 

Kelimutu give-and-take is taken from the give-and-take of ‘keli’ (mountain) too mutu (boiled). Local people believe that each colors of Kelimutu Lake has each meanings according to the colors. Red color agency Tiwu Ata Polo or the house of dead’s someone that during the life doing bad things or dark magic. The bluish ane agency Tiwu Nuwa Muri Koo Fai agency the house of youth’s dead soul. And the white ane hateful Tiwu Ata Mbupu or the house of old’s dead soul.

Currently, the color of each lakes is changing too it is influenced yesteryear the sulfur score too other chemic compounds. Nowadays, the color of bluish lake is changing into greenish color, too the cherry color changing into chocolate-brown to dark color too the white color is changing into dark color. 

When yous climb to the mountain, yous volition witness the beauty of Kelimutu, the panorama, the lake itself, too likewise the color of water. Then, where to begin the journeying to Kelimutu Lake?


For the goodness, yous are suggested to begin inwards the early on morning. But genuinely it volition depend to the place of the hotel yous stay, either hotel inwards Flores or hotel inwards Ende. If yous desire to hunt a sexy sunrise, yous may desire to pass the fourth dimension inwards the hotel unopen to the Kelimutu Lake. And ane of pop hamlet to remain is Moni Village which is located 12 km from Kelimutu. Before yous climb, yous withal receive got direct chances to explore the hamlet yesteryear strolling to a greater extent than or less beautiful rice terraces too stretch of paddy field. So fantastic.

Usually, to grab the sunrise travelers begin to climb the mount from the human foot of mount to a greater extent than or less 04.00 am. The footpath toward to peak is surrounded yesteryear pino trees because the Kelimutu Lake is to a greater extent than or less Kelimutu National Park too yous tin move follow the arrow sign to avoid unsafe area. 

As yous instruct inwards at the peak of mountain, yous tin move accept the pictures spell enjoying the scenery of Kelimutu Lake through amongst a specific olfactory belongings of sulfur. One of favorite topographic point to a greater extent than or less Kelimutu Lake is to a greater extent than or less Observation Monument or Tugu Pengamatan (1.690 m). 

Once yous remain there, yous experience produce non desire to instruct downwards because the beauty of Kelimutu Lake is then astonishing. There is something interesting when yous detect the mist roofing the lake. Local people believe if yous whistling, the mist volition decease away too yous tin move run into the color of lake clearly. But produce non await for long fourth dimension because yous may receive got five minutes to accept the picture. Although this is solely a myth, but yous tin move endeavour it. 

The mist becomes your best friend too it comes too goes quickly. The scenery of wood too trees is then beautiful. And when the mist come upwards down, it looks similar a sparse curtain. One of topographic point yous tin move explore is a small-scale monument too it is believed every bit a house for Bung Karno (the showtime president inwards Indonesia) to produce meditation.


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