Bali Destinations: Banda Marine Life, The Paradise Of Diving Location Inwards Key Maluku

Banda is a grouping of 10 little islands alongside full surface area some 44 km2 as well as located at the southward of Ambon. There is no dubiousness that the marine common some the islands receive got incredible panorama. The islands are surrounded yesteryear beautiful marine life that rich of coral reef as well as fish. This status makes this surface area becomes 1 of the best diving spots inward Asia. 

The persuasion of marine parks as well as the multifariousness of flora as well as animate beingness are also the master copy attraction inward Banda. Even, Banda Marine Park e'er been nominated every bit Blue Planet heritage for the paradise of underwater inward Indonesia. This is caused Banda Naira is as well as hence pop for marine tourism inward the world. The mutual activities hither is snorkeling as well as diving.
Divers from some the Blue Planet receive got been admitting that Banda Naira every bit 1 of the best spots inward the globe. The diving vision is some twoscore meters as well as it has real proficient persuasion of underwater. In addition, the natural biota of underwater cannot go flora inward other places. One of peculiar animate beingness that larn endemic fish inward Banda Naira is Standard Mandarin Fish.
At the evening, divers volition go able to come across grand of Standard Mandarin Fish that motion freely to feed or breeding. If yous dive deeper, yous tin give notice abide by barracuda, hammer shark, napoleon, as well as stingray. According to UNESCO, the extraordinary panorama of Banda Sea was influenced yesteryear the eruption of Banda Volcano. The eruption made the increment of coral reefs became the faster inward the world. It took solely 10 years to brand coral reef grows real good to back upwardly the ecosystem of Banda Sea.

Banda Marine Park is located amidst Gunung Api Island, Neira Island, Hatta Island, Sjahrir Island as well as Ai Island. Precisely, it lies at North Maluku Regency, Central Maluku Province. To accomplish the island, yous tin give notice accept a ferry from Ambon for a night. If yous rootage your journeying from Jakarta, yous tin give notice accept a flying to Ambon Airport. From Ambon, yous volition conk on the trip to a little airport, i.e. Banda-Neira Airport which is solely available twice a calendar week that are provided yesteryear Nusantara Airways Buanna (NBA).
The bird solely has eighteen seats as well as yous bespeak to pay IDR320,000 or US$32 per person. The other option agency to Banda Marine Park yesteryear Pelni Ship that depart from Ambon to Banda Islands 1 time inward 2 weeks yesteryear paying IDR70,000 or US$7 per person. It volition accept some 8 hours. As yous conk far at Banda-Neira that is larn the biggest Island inward Banda, it volition go easier to conk on your trip to other islands. Usually, the boat volition depart to the islands at early on morning. 

The facilities to snorkel, dive, strolls, invitee houses as well as cottages are adequate, build clean as well as comfortable. You are suggested to accept go agent to aid yous adjust your journeying to Banda Islands. In the island, yous volition abide by souvenir shops, such every bit miniature of ships.

Water activities are the most favorable for visitors every bit they come upwardly to Banda Marine Park. The multifariousness of marine life is various. You expect similar seeing marine parks higher upwardly the boat. Besides that, yous tin give notice dive, angling tuna, whales, dolphins, as well as watching Arombai Manggurebe.
Banda Marine Park has 350 species of marine biota, including an ancient shells that almost extinct. The best fourth dimension to see Banda Marine Park is March to May as well as September to November. If yous desire to experience something different, yous tin give notice conk together alongside fishermen to endeavor angling equipment that is used to fish tuna as well as cakalang fish. 
If yous beloved to dive, yous tin give notice conk to many diving spots inward Banda Islands, i.e. Sonegat. This is the closest spot to dive because it tin give notice go reached for nigh v minutes from the beach. The location of Sonegat is betwixt Banda-Neira as well as Gunung Api. Keraka Island is the side yesteryear side goal to dive.
Keraka Island or Kepiting Island or Crab Island is described similar the carpeting of white sand that stretches from the northward beach. This persuasion looks as well as hence beautiful as well as suitable to picnic. At the southward of the beach, at that spot are many walls eighteen meters inward height. At the E of the beach, the depth of H2O is some 10 meters. In this spot, yous tin give notice abide by coral fish as well as grouping of barracuda.
Sjahrir Island as well as The Kapal Stone also 1 of goal to dive inward Banda Island. This spot is well-known every bit Pisang Island as well as Batu Kapal that takes some xx minutes from Banda-Neira yesteryear boat. The perfect fourth dimension to dive inward these spot is inward the morning time as well as evening. The side yesteryear side diving spot is Lontar Island. This spot is variety of outer gate of the islands.
Batu Belanda also tin give notice go visited if yous desire to human face upwardly dissimilar atmosphere. In this diving spot, yous tin give notice abide by variety of barrel, subway scheme sponge, grouping of snappers, wrasses, angelfish, blue-girdled, as well as little caves. Next, yous tin give notice conk to Ai Island. The isle offering yous the best diving spot inward Banda Island. Whether at the northward beach, southward beach or at the westward of Ai Island, yous volition come across if this surface area surrounded yesteryear perfect cliffs wall which is looks as well as hence beautiful.
The terminal spot yous tin give notice see to dive inward Banda Island is Hatta Island. The isle located some 25 km from Banda-Neira Island. There is underwater coral at the southward of Hatta Island. There, yous tin give notice abide by the parade of unicorn fish, rainbow runners, white-tip sharks, as well as jack fish. Banda Marine Park becomes an option house to see every bit yous come upwardly to Maluku. If yous beloved diving, Banda offers yous the best spots inward the world.

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