Bali Destinations: Rontu Beach, A Calm Together With Relaxing Beach Inward Lombok

Lombok Island has many beautiful beaches, together with ane of them is Rontu Beach. For those who never move to Lombok may never heard of this beach. The beach is indeed non equally pop equally other beaches inwards Lombok, such equally Senggigi or Kuta Bali.
However, when you lot move to Lombok, include this beach to your finish plan. This is because the beach has an amazing panorama, precisely similar those pop beaches. The beach is non equally good crowded, therefore it is suitable for you lot who desire to honor peace. You tin strength out receive got a proficient fourth dimension inwards the beach. The beach is therefore calm that you lot tin strength out play inwards the beach without whatever disturbance. You tin strength out bask the bluish ocean H2O together with the build clean sand of the beach.
Rontu Beach is ane of the beaches inwards Sumbawa Island. Precisely, it is situated inwards Tangga Baru Village, Monta District, Bima Regency, West Nusa Tenggara. It lies inwards the southern occupation of Bima City, together with faces direct to Indian Ocean. Although the beach is equally good popular, the infrastructure of the beach is adequate.
The roads toward the beach are inwards proficient condition. All kinds of vehicles tin strength out croak through the roads. It takes almost 1.5 to ii hours driving from Bima to the beach. You tin strength out showtime your journeying from Bima towards the airport. When you lot honor a T-intersection, you lot must plough left together with and therefore hold to the due south until you lot brand it at the beach.
You tin strength out become past times taxi or rent a auto if you lot don’t drive your ain car. You volition receive got to pay for almost Rp400,000 to Rp600,000 (US$41.00 to US$61.00) per day.   

          Rontu Beach is therefore calm that it is the correct house to refresh your mind. Many visitors precisely sit down downward on the beach to bask the calm ocean waves together with experience the breeze of the ocean wind. Some others play or swim inwards the beach. Children unremarkably honey playing H2O inwards the border of the beach or play amongst the sand.
The sand has diverse colors, from dark to white. The colors of the sand is therefore beautiful, particularly when you lot encounter it closely. Children tin strength out play inwards the sand together with inwards the beach safely. The H2O is therefore clean, almost no garbages are institute inwards the beach. Thus, it is actually rubber to swim inwards the beach. Otherwise, you lot tin strength out precisely receive got pictures amongst the background of the beach.

         The beach doesn’t render plenty accommodations such equally hotels or resorts. It is improve for you lot to remain inwards Bima when you lot watch the beach. You tin strength out come upwardly to the beach equally early on equally possible together with and therefore become dorsum to Bima inwards the evening.
Also, you lot should select your ain equipment if you lot desire to produce H2O activities, such equally snorkeling. The beach has no rental equipment. The beach is therefore beautiful, but unfortunately the facilities are inadequate. However, it shouldn’t halt you lot from visiting the beach.  
          The beach has unique panorama. If you lot receive got a move innovation to become roughly lombok, you lot should never immature adult woman Rontu Beach.


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