Bali Destinations: Kanawa Island, A Wonderful Pocket-Size Isle Inwards Lombok

Kanawa Island is 1 little islands inwards Lombok. The isle is together with then stunning amongst natural atmosphere. The isle offers you lot a bully peril if you lot view it. The beauty of the isle is considered a hidden jewel past times local people. The isle is located nigh Komodo National  Park, a famous common inwards Republic of Indonesia together with only about the world. The isle has an interesting panorama together with is rich of biodiversity. 
The isle has untouched coral reefs together with diverse fish, including mantas together with sharks. Turtles together with other body of body of water creatures are also flora inwards the island. Hence, when you lot view the island, you lot volition get got many things to do, such equally diving together with snorkeling to larn farther most its biodiversity.  
          Kanawa Island lies nigh Poto Tano Port inwards West Sumbawa, West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia. You tin make the port from Kayangan Port of East Lombok toward West Sumbawa. From Poto Tano, you lot tin acquire past times boat from to the island. You exclusively bespeak most fifteen minutes to make the island. The isle is only half-dozen miles from Labuan Bojo, the expanse of Komodo National Park. The full expanse of the isle is 32 hectares. When you lot acquire inwards at this island, you lot volition run into beautiful beaches together with natural reefs surrounding the island. The isle is a perfect site to create diverse things. You volition get got a bully peril when you lot create upwards one's hear to get got a vacation inwards this island.  

          When you lot come upwards to Kanawa Island, you lot tin you tin create many things. You tin create H2O activities, such equally snorkeling or diving inwards the beach. You tin explore the biodiversity of the underwater life. You tin relish the colorful coral reefs together with diverse fish. You tin fifty-fifty convey a photographic tv camera to get got pictures of those species. This volition live on your most wonderful experience. Apart from H2O activities, you lot tin also create an peril inwards this island. You tin explore the entire isle together with larn to a greater extent than most the island. The atmosphere, the local people together with the nature volition live on interesting objects to explore. You tin also acquire to Komodo National Park, which is non also far from the island. In the park, you lot tin larn farther most komodo, a typical large lizard the occupant of the park.  

          Kanawa Island has adequate facilities, including lodges. Visitors of this isle tin rest inwards 1 of the lodges. However, you lot tin ready a tent together with pass the nighttime inwards the tent. You tin convey your ain equipment or rent the camping ground equipments. For those who dearest nature activities, spending the nighttime inwards the tent volition live on fun together with exciting. You tin get got a campfire at nighttime amongst your friends or family. The of import is you lot must discovery the correct house to ready the tent. Hiring a remove volition live on a skillful choice. He or she volition remove you lot during your view inwards this island. Visiting this isle volition exit you lot an unforgettable memory.  
          Kanawa Island is 1 of the most beautiful islands inwards Lombok. You should non immature adult woman the island, together with include it inwards your goal innovation when you lot view Lombok Island.


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