Bali Destinations: Wediombo Beach, The Beach Alongside Natural Beauty Inwards Yogyakarta

When you lot experience tired of your busy schedule, too you lot desire to accept a interruption for a moment, you lot improve view Wediombo Beach. The beach has a beautiful panorama. The calm atmosphere, the bluish body of body of water H2O too the cool breeze all brand you lot experience fresh too soothe. The beach also has white sand, making it await thence beautiful. Especially, the seashells maintained good all over the place. 

You tin teach to the beach your draw of piece of job solid unit of measurement too friends. Together, you lot tin bask the beautiful panorama of the beach. You volition experience similar the atmosphere or thence the beach is thence refreshing too peaceful. That is why, the house is perfect to salve your stress.   

Wediombo Beach is situated inwards Jepitu village, Girisubo District. It is close xl km inwards the due south due east of Wonosari City. It takes close 2,5 hours driving from Yogyakarta. Although the location of the beach is also far from Yogyakarta, it is worth visiting. The beach is thence amazing that you lot volition never regret visiting the beach. There are 2 option routes if you lot desire to view the beach.
You tin drive from Yogyakarta to Wonosari too Semanu. After that you lot tin proceed your journeying to Jepitu too thence you lot teach inwards at Wediombo. Otherwise, you lot tin drive Yogyakarta to the south. Go along the complex of the due south beaches until you lot teach inwards at Tepus.
You tin thence proceed to Girisubo, too hither you lot are at Wediombo. Once you lot lead hold arrived at the beach, you lot tin experience the breeze of the body of body of water air current too nous to the audio of waves hitting the rocks. The entrance fee is cheap, solely Rp5,000 (less than a one-half dollar).

          You tin produce diverse activities inwards Wediombo Beach, including fishing, swimming too surfing. However, surfing inwards this beach should live on done past times professional person surfers only. This is beacause the waves are also powerful that an amateur volition live on hard to handle. While, angling is also an interesting activeness equally you lot tin abide by many species of fish. 
Swimming should live on done inwards shallow waters, too it volition live on unsafe if you lot swim also far inwards the middle of the sea. Apart from these H2O activities, you lot tin bask the beautiful panorama of the sea. You tin sit down downward inwards the beautiful sand too hold off for the sunset. Sunset is an amazing panorama that you lot volition regret missing it.

          There are many hotels too lodges around Wediombo Beach. The rate ranges from Rp40,000 to Rp80,000 (around US$4.00 to US$8.00). It’s quite inexpensive since the beach is non equally pop equally Parangtritis or Depok. The hotels too lodges are available for visitors who desire to pass the black at the beach. When spending the black at the beach, you lot tin abide by peaceful since the atmosphere of the body of body of water is thence comforting. 
          Plan your move to Yogyakarta carefully, too include Wediombo Beach inwards your move plan. This is a skillful option beach to view apart from Depok too Parangtritis. Wediombo is ane of the most beautiful beaches inwards Yogyakarta.

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