Bali Destinations: Telunas Beach Every 2D The Best Relaxing Gateway Inwards Batam

Telunas Beach is the mainstay of tourist finish inward Karimun Regency to attract tourists, both local as well as international. The beach has white sand as well as exotic panorama simply similar a hidden paradise. With really fine of sand, y'all fifty-fifty tin dismiss listen the audio of its sand when y'all mensuration in. Although Telunas is a novel beach but the popularity has been spreading from unopen to the world, particularly for tourist that comes from Singapore. The location itself is then unopen to Singapore as well as that brand ane who desire to relax as well as rid the stress come upward hither to bask the life.
Telunas Beach offers y'all eco-friendly, character of life, as well as has potential to endure developed because it has special character. Everyone tin dismiss direct keep fun as well as create many things, similar H2O activities, hiking, or simply explore the expanse unopen to the beach. Fresh air, beautiful scenery, friendly people, as well as the beach itself volition brand y'all dearest to remain longer here.

Telunas Beach lies at Sugi Island, Moro sub-district, Karimun Regency, Kepulauan Riau (Riau Archipelago) Province. To achieve the beach, y'all tin dismiss direct keep a boat or speedboat from Tanjung Balai for virtually 45 minutes. If y'all start your journeying from Batam City, y'all tin dismiss direct keep a ferry that departs from Sekupang Port as well as it takes unopen to xc minutes. But, if y'all come upward from the big cities inward Indonesia, similar Medan, Jakarta, Bali Attractions, y'all tin dismiss direct keep a flying to Batam. 
Most of visitor who see Telunas Beach volition remain inward ane of beautiful resort named Telunas Beach Resort. They direct keep cottage made from wood. To achieve the resort, y'all tin dismiss start it from Sekupang Port inward Batam for virtually xc minutes. And if y'all start your journeying from Hang Nadim Airport, it takes an hr past times a auto to Sekupang Port. Staying inward the cottage tin dismiss endure unforgettable 2nd because the ambience is then comfortable as well as y'all tin dismiss discovery tranquility as well as silence because each cottages confront to the ocean. 

However, if y'all however desire to explore tourist finish close Batam City, y'all tin dismiss remain inward Swiss-Belhotel Harbour Bay, Gideon Hotel Batam, Harmoni Suites Hotel, Golden View Hotel, Nagoya Mansion Hotel as well as Residence, Batam View Beach Resort, HARRIS Hotel Batam Center, as well as Tempat Senang Spa Resort & Restaurant.

As the outset fourth dimension y'all mensuration inward Telunas Beach, y'all solely direct keep 2 words to say, spectacular as well as amazing. Yes, that is truthful because the beach is such similar an amazing house to relax for ane who needs a quite spot as well as chill for romantic long weekend. That is hateful y'all tin dismiss pass your days amongst your couple.
The location of the beach is peachy as well as y'all tin dismiss discovery pretty stance wherever y'all go. And y'all may non immature lady to walk amongst bare pes inward this sandy beach. If y'all similar adventuring as well as exploring, this is the best zone because y'all tin dismiss create many things, similar kayaking, fishing, canoeing, hiking, as well as swimming. 
In Telunas Beach, y'all equally good volition dearest to start your twenty-four hours past times sitting piece seeing crystal H2O amongst turquoise ambience of the water. The fish swim freely as well as sometime they jump on the surface to exhibit off their skill. The beach has long coastline amongst sloping status as well as sandy amongst many dense trees at the border of the beach.
If y'all don’t desire to create anything, y'all tin dismiss alternative your favorite books as well as remain on the hammock piece enjoying the breeze from the sea as well as overlooking the water. Maybe, piece reading the book, y'all tin dismiss listen other visitors play soccer or volley. Although at that topographic point are many things y'all tin dismiss create at day, y'all however tin dismiss create something at black past times looking crab.
Most of the visitor inward Telunas Beach is expats from Singapore, Malaysia, as well as Korea. They come upward amongst grouping virtually thirty – xc people as well as create many things, similar outbound, tracking to the forest, camping, or simply doing H2O activities.  

It is non surprising if Telunas Beach choke favorite spot for people who come upward unopen to Batam because the provider of the beach offers eco-friendly facilities, attractive activities, as well as consistent to prepare the beach. Besides that, it volition endure a skillful direct chances to endeavour local dishes that direct keep delicious taste.
Coming to Telunas Beach way y'all create to the ambience of nirvana. Lovely place, incredible scenery, stunning atmosphere as well as serenity. This is the fourth dimension to exit stress behind as well as bask the alive piece watching the Sun going down.


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