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Bali Attractions Bird Park. This is a perfect house to hold upwards visited when y'all become your opor-garai amongst your kids inwards Bali Attractions. For some people, tasting delicious dishes inwards the eating house as well as accompanied yesteryear cute fowls that strolling freely simply about us tin hold upwards unique experience because non all eating house render this atmosphere. The outset fourth dimension visit, y'all may surprise to see the fabulous brute that deed as well as therefore funny. And non likewise far from Bali Attractions Bird Park, y'all tin run across some rare reptiles. And every bit mentioned above, your opor-garai amongst your kids volition hold upwards to a greater extent than fun because they tin larn novel animals.

Location as well as accommodations
Bali Attractions Bird Park is located at Singapadu Village, Sukawati sub-district, Gianyar Resident, Bali Attractions. The place is non likewise far from Denpasar City as well as Kuta Bali.  It takes simply about xx minutes driving yesteryear a automobile through yesteryear overstep Sanur. After that, in that place are 2 choice ways, firstly through yesteryear overstep Prof Dr Ida bagus Mantra, as well as secondly through Celuk area. The Bali Attractions Bird itself lies simply about 2 km from Bali Attractions Zoo as well as thirty minutes driving from Ubud Bali
The common opens from 09.00 a.m. – 05.00 p.m. The admission fee to see Bali Attractions Bird Park is IDR 80,000 or US$7 per mortal for local, as well as IDR US$25 for foreign, one-half cost for kids upwards to 2 years, as well as gratuitous for nether 2 years old. The ticket is included the ticket to Reptile Park that located non likewise far from plane park.
If y'all desire to explore Gianyar, y'all tin remain inwards hotel as well as villa, similar Gusde House & Villa, Puri Saron Hotel Madangan, Villa Nian Luxury Villa & Spa, Bon Nyuh Bungalows, Euroservices Holiday Villa, as well as Bona Village Inn.
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As y'all piece of occupation inwards to the complex of plane park, your leg as well as arm volition hold upwards sprayed yesteryear the keeper to brand the trunk piece of occupation on sterile. Then, y'all tin see the diverseness of birds amongst natural environment. Come inwards the common brand our hear fresher because nosotros volition hear the birds chirping anywhere. The fresh air as well as sunny solar daytime volition rank jeopardy the kids to play amongst them. 
Some of the colorful birds are perching on the branches. There, y'all volition amaze to experiences that those birds tin wing as well as nation freely without cages. This is the greatest jeopardy to accept their pictures.
One of attraction y'all tin detect inwards Bali Attractions Bird Park is a restaurant. Yes. The eating house has semi-opened concept which no door to connect the eating house to the plane park. You tin become your luncheon in that place as well as experience the sensation, or simply come upwards to gustation the snacks amongst family.
There, the beautiful birds, from big 1 to the little 1 tin wing as well as strolling freely nether your table. They don’t disturb y'all as well as therefore y'all simply bespeak to relax as well as taste your dishes. To memorize your visit, y'all tin accept the pictures to the birds that approach your table. Very unique, isn’t?
Bali Attractions Bird Park non solely shows y'all their collection of fowl, but in that place are some attractions from them that y'all may non miss. The outdoor attraction volition enable the birds to create beautiful performances inwards front end of the audiences, whether flight to grab the prey or simply run freely. It volition hold upwards an amazing surgical physical care for y'all volition sentry when y'all come upwards to Bali Attractions Bird Park. The common is non solely to exhibit y'all their collection but they also save the rare animal, peculiarly birds.  
After y'all see interesting performance, y'all tin explore the common yesteryear on foot. In 1 of corner, in that place is a motion-picture exhibit theatre that enables y'all to sentry surgical physical care for 3D as well as play cartoon motion-picture exhibit most the adventure of little bird.


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