Bali Destinations: Mentawai Islands, The Near Beautiful Isolated Islands Inwards Westward Sumatra

Mentawai Islands are i of the most isolated islands inwards West Sumatra, Indonesia. They are underdeveloped islands. When visiting this island, you lot volition non easily detect whatsoever modern buildings such every bit skyscraper buildings, beautiful houses, shopping malls, subject parks, in addition to many more. The islands are remote, in addition to thus it is hard to come upward inwards in addition to out of the islands. Mentawai people rarely expire on inwards impact alongside the exterior footing because of the remote position. 
The islands are silent surrounded past times tropical rainforest in addition to wild jungle. The wild nature, however, create a panoramic beauty to the islands. Especially, the human relationship amid the people in addition to the forests are really strong. The people treasure the forests really much. No wonder, a potent spiritual outflow amid create harmony.  
Mentawai Islands are situated at the West coast of Sumatra. The islands comprise for municipalities. They are Sipora, Siberut, South Pagai in addition to North Pagai. To attain the islands, you lot tin wing past times Sebaung Merauke Air. The aeroplane flies from Padang to the islands. It takes close thirty minutes flight from Padang. You tin mass kickoff when you lot are close to wing to the islands. Other than airplane, you lot tin become to the isle past times ferry. The ferry also departs from Padang. However, the ferry can’t function whatsoever time. The divergence depends on atmospheric condition conditions. At the minute you lot become far on the islands, you lot volition come across white coral beaches in addition to thick rainforests. You’ll endure amazed past times the beauty of the islands.  

 There are many activities you lot tin exercise inwards Mentawai Islands. The kickoff i is certainly surfing. There are many surfing spots you lot tin endeavor here. Surfing tin endure done throughout the year. This is because the H2O is perfect, the barrels are incredible in addition to non likewise crowded. Another action you lot tin exercise is trekking. When doing this activity, you’ll come across a magnificent jungle landscape. You tin also endeavor to paddle pirogues, i.e. traditional boats used past times local people. Most travellers also dearest learning ancient traditions of the local people. They tend to absorb inwards the culture, such every bit seeing a shaman cure disease of a patient. Other interesting activities that most travellers exercise are snorkeling in addition to diving. Ecotourism is also a pop action here. Travellers tin come across rare primates in addition to natural rainforest.  

If you lot determine to pass the nighttime on the islands, you lot tin select to remain inwards Muara Siberut. Most travellers similar to remain inwards the local people’s house. They slumber on the flooring together alongside the menage unit of measurement inwards which they stay. The charge per unit of measurement for payment definitely depends on the negotiation. It is hard to detect a restaurant, hence, it is recommended that you lot convey plenty food. However, if you lot don’t similar staying inwards i of the local people’s house, you lot tin remain inwards luxurious resorts, such every bit Mentawai Resorts or Siloinak resorts. Otherwise, you lot tin only ready a tent unopen to the villages.  
Mentawai is an archipelago which has in addition to so many interesting cultures. The local tradition makes the isle in addition to so attractive in addition to therefore, it is non a waste matter visiting the beautiful Mentawai Islands.


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