Bali Destinations: Wae Rebo Village, Visiting A Custom Hamlet Inwards Flores

Wae Rebo Village is a custom hamlet inward Flores, East Nusa Tenggara. Precisely, it located  at Satar Lenda, Satamese Barat Sub-district, Manggarai Barat Regency. The resident inward Wae Rebo comes from Modo Tribe. Then, what makes the hamlet becomes therefore special? The argue is because its hamlet e'er got a vantage from UNESCO for the conservation of civilization heritage. The local residents withal defend the tradition as well as civilization from generation to generation.

Wae Rebo itself has pregnant every bit a jump as well as physically Wae Rebo consist of vii custom describe solid named every bit Mbaru Niang. It has cone cast amongst diameter roughly 12 – fifteen meters as well as 8 – 10 meters height. Path of the roof is dangle as well as almost roofing all of the house. The describe solid itself is made from certainly grasses as well as coated yesteryear ijuk or palm fiber from the saccharide palm inward social club to own got potent status every bit the current of air as well as H2O assault the house. 
Some people consider Wae Rebo Village every bit ‘international village’ because amid local village, you lot volition notice foreigns who remain together amongst local village. The popularity of Wae Rebo has been spreading since UNESCO nominated the hamlet every bit unique hamlet inward the world. It tin hold upwards said that Wae Rebo is a novel magnet to attract tourist from all roughly the the world to come. 

Wae Rebo Village is built on Pocoroko Mountain amongst 1,100 meters inward a higher identify body of body of water surface as well as facing to Hindia Ocean. Besides having unique architecture as well as location, the designing of the custom describe solid of Wae Rebo too special because it has circle designing as well as inward the middle at that spot is a stone amongst foursquare shape. On this foursquare spot, at that spot is form of altar made from bamboo named every bit Compang for custom ceremony to seat the offering to the anscestor. 

At the moment, Wae Rebo Village becomes 1 of tourist goal inward Flores, particulary from unusual countries. It tin hold upwards seen from the invitee majority as well as the moving ridge of tourist to Wae Rebo Village has been increasing. Now, if you lot interested to view 1 of unique hamlet inward the world, you lot tin describe organization to some weather condition there.

When is the correct fourth dimension to view Wae Rebo Village?
The starting fourth dimension affair you lot involve to consider earlier visiting Wae Rebo Village is almost timing. As you lot know, the topography of Florest is hilly amongst windy access. Plus, to attain the hamlet takes a long hour, peculiarly if you lot are taking populace transportation. 

Then, what almost the road to Wae Rebo Village? Actually, the hamlet tin hold upwards reached from many directions. You tin start it from Ruteng or Labuan Bajo. If you lot come upwards from Labuan Bajo, you lot tin follow the road : Labuan Bajo – Lembor – Pela – Todo – Narang – Dintor – Denge – Wae Rebo. It takes roughly half dozen hours from Labuan Baju to Denge yesteryear driving a car. 

The Denge Village itself is the final hamlet earlier reaching Wae Rebo Village. And from Denge to Wae Rebo, you lot own got to decease on pes as well as usually it needed 3.5 hours. So, the sum fourth dimension from Labuan Bajo to Wae Rebo is roughly 8 – 10 hours. Means, you lot own got to start inward the early on morning. 

The calculation inward a higher identify is yesteryear driving a car. Now you lot tin immagine how long it volition hold upwards taken if you lot select populace transportation. Off course of teaching it volition select longer fourth dimension as well as 1 affair you lot own got to yell back is that the access of shipping is non adequate. 

Transportation to Wae Rebo Village
As you lot know from the explanation above, the populace shipping inward Flores to Wae Rebo Village is non adequate. Even, the shipping from Labuan Bajo to Denge is non available. So if you lot desire to decease there, you lot own got to decease through Ruteng at first. 

And that agency you lot own got to decease around. So, the solely 1 solution is yesteryear renting a car. Although it volition hold upwards to a greater extent than expensive, but if you lot decease to Wae Rebo Village amongst a grouping (4 – half dozen passengers), it volition hold upwards cheaper, isnt it?.

Where to remain during traveling to Wae Rebo Village
Looking for a hotel or homestay along the trip from Labuan Bajo to Denge is non easy. So, the schedule of your depart toward Wae Rebo Village volition influence where you lot volition stay. Actually, you lot withal able to notice a homestay inward Dintor Village as well as Denge Village. Just effort to learn inward to both hamlet earlier dusk. 

If you lot computer programme to remain at Denge Village, you lot tin decease to Mr Blasius Monta house. There are eleven rooms as well as you lot involve to pay IDR150k per person. However, if you lot prefer to remain inward Dintor, you lot withal own got to decease to Denge, therefore hire ojek (motorcycle transportation) which is taken roughly twenty – thirty minutes.

If you lot think you lot able to learn inward at Denge inward the day, you lot may proceed straight yesteryear treking to Wae Rebo without staying inward Denge. Just banknote that you lot own got really proficient stamina because you lot volition own got to decease on pes for almost 3.5 hours, climbing to the loma as well as piece of occupation yesteryear the forest. For this point, it volition hold upwards depend on your arrival. However, you lot are suggested to remain inward Denge therefore that you lot tin select a remainder for a piece earlier treking. But, Wae Rebo Village too own got homestay as well as you lot involve to pay IDR250k. 

Route from Denge to Wae Rebo
The road of treking from Denge to Wae Rebo is dominated yesteryear sandy as well as rocky access. Sometime you lot own got to decease through the border of loma as well as wood amongst ascend as well as descend route. In other time, you lot volition piece of occupation yesteryear the river as well as unproblematic bridge. You own got to hold upwards really carefull because at that spot are some landslide spots from Denge to Wae Rebo. 

Therefore, you lot own got to gear upwards your stamina as well as proper equipments. If you lot decease at that spot inward the rainy season, your journeying volition hold upwards harder because the access to Wae Rebo Village volition hold upwards muddy.

Ceremony to welcome invitee inward Wae Rebo Village
Each guests who view Wae Rebo Village own got to hold upwards welcomed yesteryear Waelu Ceremony. The betoken of the ceremony is form of welcoming the visitor as well as this volition hold upwards done yesteryear the leader of tribe. He volition welcome as well as pray for your goodness as well as security during your view to Wae Rebo Village. Perhaps, it sounds unusual for unusual but this is form of tradition as well as at that spot is cypher incorrect to select it.

To honor the custom as well as tradition inward Wae Rebo Village, you lot are too suggested to article of apparel proper dress. If you lot against this, the local residents may address you. Besides that, if you lot desire to select the picture, you lot involve to enquire permission because sometime, they hear as well as volition upwards laid to you. One affair you lot involve to yell back is yesteryear bringing sweater or jacket because the atmosphere inward Wae Rebo Village is hilly as well as it volition hold upwards cool.


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