Bali Destinations: Sekumpul Waterfall, A Hidden Waterfall Inward Northward Bali Attractions

Visiting Sekumpul Waterfall occupy the laid out listing for those people who honey nature, trekking, as well as adventure. As a hidden waterfall, yous direct maintain to combat when yous see it. But no worries. Along the treking, yous volition regard the pictureque scenery amongst natural panorama. Actually, the mind attraction of Sekumpul Waterfall is the being of to a greater extent than than i waterfall inwards the same place. That is why some people consider Sekumpul Waterfall every bit the most beautiful waterfall inwards Bali Attractions as well as this is actually interesting.

What is Sekumpul Waterfall
According to the name, Sekumpul Waterfall has 7 serial of waterfalls as well as local people cite it every bit Pemuatan Waterfall. Among 7 waterfalls, at that spot are entirely two waterfalls that direct maintain closed distance from the mind road. Beside the residue of the waterfalls are a flake far as well as yous direct maintain to exercise extra testify to make it.

The 7 waterfall is separated as well as a flake far. Each waterfall has dissimilar kind as well as height. That is why unusual people cite it every bit Seven Points Waterfall. Those waterfalls are surrounded past times greenish tree which is really optic catchy as well as brand the expanse some the waterfall shady.

When the rainy flavor comes, both waterfalls direct maintain dissimilar color. In the left side, the H2O is build clean because the H2O comes from the H2O springs which is located at the peak of the hill, Sekumpul Village. But, the waterfall at the correct side has chocolate-brown color as well as muddied because the rootage of H2O comes from the river inwards the village. For this reason, yous are suggested to wearable brusk as well as sandal to brand yous comfortable.
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Location of Sekumpul Waterfall
Sekumpul Waterfall is situated at Sekumpul Village, Sawan sub-district, Buleleng Regency, North Bali Attractions. The location is some 20 km from Singaraja City (it takes some 1 hour), 76 km from Denpasar which is tin hand the sack hold upward make some 2.5 hours as well as iii hours from Kuta Bali. Because of the location is far, yous are suggested to drive a motorbike or rent a automobile amongst a driver. 

If yous desire to see Sekumpul Waterfall as well as trekking, yous tin hand the sack larn at that spot inwards the morning. The perfect fourth dimension is some 07.00 – 08.00. You may curious to know why yous direct maintain to larn at that spot as well as then early. The argue is because the chance to larn pelting inwards the morning time is lower than evening. If yous are unlucky as well as come across the rain, the access volition hold upward slippery as well as yous direct maintain to hold upward to a greater extent than careful. Now yous tin hand the sack jurist at what fourth dimension yous direct maintain to laid out your journeying from Denpasar or Singaraja City.

However, yous don’t desire to larn upward as well as then early on inwards the morning, yous tin hand the sack rest overnight at Hotel Omunity Sujadi Bali Attractions. Then, yous tin hand the sack laid out trekking to Sekumpul Waterfall from at that spot inwards the side past times side day. If yous laid out yous go from Omunity Hotel, yous direct maintain to railroad train a motorbike first. The distance is some 4 km. The access to the waterfall is steep as well as serpentine. Before yous laid out trekking, yous direct maintain to larn downward through the stairs as well as pay for the entrance ticket IDR2k for local as well as IDR5k for foreign.

Journey to Sekumpul Waterfall
To come upward closer to the waterfall, yous must direct maintain a expert stamina because yous request to walk through the footpath for nigh 300 meters, descending hundred of steep stairs as well as crossing the river amongst the depth some 0.5 meter. However, the rural atmosphere, activities of the farmer, paddy terrace, greenish hill, resident houses amongst traditional shape, durian as well as rambutan tree volition accompany you.

The journeying of trekking actually exhausthing but it is worth because yous volition regard the twin waterfall amongst the peak some 100 meters. The pounding of H2O from Sekumpul Waterfall tin hand the sack hold upward heard from the distance some eighty meter as well as the sprinkle of H2O exercise serenity atmosphere. Suddenly, yous volition autumn inwards honey as well as desire to explore this area.

Actually, at that spot are many things yous tin hand the sack exercise at Sekumpul Waterfall. But, generally people who come upward hither doing hunt the picturesque scenic view, playing amongst water, as well as adore the beauty of water. Even, some people come upward to the waterfall for prewedding photograph session amongst the background of waterfall. With natural scenery, it volition exercise an amazing motion-picture present for a big twenty-four hours inwards life. If yous aren’t excogitation to exercise that, yous tin hand the sack explore the waterfall as well as taking motion-picture present amongst your friends as well as selfi there.


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