Bali Destinations: Exploring Mios Kon Isle Inwards Raja Ampat

Mios Kon Island or Kelelawar Island (that what local resident cite it) is i of unique tourist goal inward Raja Ampat. The isle got the cite  kelelawar because in that place are thousands of bats nesting inward this island. Besides the bats, the isle likewise becomes the habitation of birds. Even though the local know it every bit Kelelawar Island, but for the diver, they to a greater extent than familiar to Mios Kon Raja Ampat. 

Mios Kon Island is a beautiful isle inward Raja Ampat. Raja Ampat Regency itself has 610 islands, included the biggest island, i.e. Waigeo, Batanta, Salawati, together with Misool Island amongst 35 inhabitants island. And solely 400 islands receive got been explored. The residue are the virgin islands which are even together with hence hiding their beauty to the public. 
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In Mios Kon Island, you lot tin notice diving together with snorkeling spots amongst the variety of marine life, salubrious coral, together with colorful fishes. Although the place of Mios Kon Island is remote together with isolated but the isle drib dead along the natural beauty, specially the underwater life. Even, the marine life at Raja Ampat known every bit i of x best diving spots inward the world. 

Mios Kon Island transportation
To accomplish Mios Kon Raja Ampat, Sorong City at the West Papua becomes the master copy gate because currently the straight flying Mios Kon Island transportation is non available, yet, every bit the novel drome has been developing. 

You tin drib dead along checking the flying air bird that serve road Djakarta – Sorong, i.e. Garuda Indonesia, Express Air, together with Wing Air to Eduard Sorong Airport. During advertisement season, the ticket tin go IDR3,000k round-trip, but when the opor-garai flavor comes, the ticket from Djakarta – Sorong tin go IDR5,000k – IDR6,000k circular trip.

As you lot teach inward at Eduard Sorong Airport, you lot involve to walk out of the drome to notice populace transportation amongst yellowish color to Sorong Port. If you lot doubt, you lot tin inquire the people unopen to you lot to straight you lot to drib dead to the port. The charge per unit of measurement is from IDR3k – IDR5k. After you lot teach inward at Sorong Port, you lot tin accept fast ferry to Waisai City Raja Ampat (IDR150k) per person, or speedboat past times paying IDR120k per person. Each transportation takes unopen to ii hours. Usually, the fast ferry depart at 12.00 together with 13.00. If you lot desire to drib dead to Mios Kon Island, you lot tin accept speedboat from Sorong or Waisai which is accept unopen to ii hours. 

What makes Mios Kon Island transportation expensive is because the toll to rent the speedboat together with the fuel is expensive. That is why you lot are suggested to drib dead in that place past times group, non solo, because you lot tin portion the budget for speedboat, or fifty-fifty for pass the nighttime at the hotel inward Waisai. 

Exploring Mios Kon Island
Mios Kon Raja Ampat is surrounded past times variety of coral reefs, clean, white together with notice sand. The marine life unopen to the isle is healthy. What makes Mios Kon Island special together with attractive is because when you lot run across if from the height, the shape of the isle forms ‘heart symbol’. That is why Mios Kon Island has a novel name, non solely Kelelawar Island but likewise Love Island Raja Ampat. So in that place is no uncertainty when people dear to view together with come upwards dorsum over again to Raja Ampat Papua. 

Exploring Mios Kon Island volition plough over you lot peril to practise many things. Not solely such diving or snorkeling, but past times exploring the island, you lot volition receive got peril to sense how the bats together with the birds could alive there. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 calendar week is non plenty to explore snorkeling together with diving spots inward Raja Ampat. You receive got to plough over extra fourth dimension if you lot desire to peep the island. Thus, you lot tin search homestay, hotel or resort inward Raja Ampat, Waisai, together with Arborek Island. For practical adventure, you lot tin bring together go agent inward Raja Ampat past times choosing the suitable bundle tour for you.


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