Bali Destinations: Pulau Merah Beach, Best House To Surf Inwards Banyuwangi

Pulau Merah Beach way spectacular. That’s right. If you lot are a existent travelers, honey surfing, crazy to hunt local culinary together with desire to challenge the adrenaline, hither is the best house to visit. The pounding of the moving ridge would endure your best friend inwards Pulau Merah Beach. Watching the surfer who is showing off their science to conquer the moving ridge is likewise a mutual performance every bit the beach is hence pop for surfing.

Even, Pulau Merah Beach becomes a subscription house every bit International Surfing Competition. That is hateful the moving ridge of the beach is admitted together with suitable for surfing. The beach is likewise having picturesque view. Yes, Banyuwangi has a beautiful beach together with it must endure introduced to the world. Now, if you lot interested together with invention to boot the bucket there, you lot sure enough require to know the location together with what other things you lot tin do? Lets uncovering out ane past times one.
Location of Pulau Merah Beach Banyuwangi
Pulau Merah Beach is situated at Sumberagung Village, Pesanggaran sub-district, threescore km from Banyuwangi City which is tin endure reached inside 3 hours. From Belimbingsari Airport, you lot tin rent a machine because alone few populace shipping volition receive got you lot there. The access is adequate because in that location are hence many post-sign directing you lot to Pulau Merah Beach.

However, if you lot desire to receive got populace shipping from Banyuwangi City, you lot tin receive got a motorbus Ujang Jaya or Minto Bus to Pesanggaran, exactly at Pesanggaran Market. Next you lot tin receive got ojek or motorbike taxi to Pulau Merah Beach. But, if you lot showtime it from Jember City, you lot require to teach downward at Jajag Terminal together with boot the bucket along the trip past times a motorbus to Pesanggaran. What close the ticket? Well, inwards a vacation season, in that location is no entrance ticket, hence it is free. But for daily visit, you lot require to pay IDR2.5k

International Surfing Competition at Pulau Merah Beach
Having a high together with constant moving ridge brand Pulau Merah Beach becomes favorite location for surfing. That is why International Surfing Competition attract professional person surfers from approximately the world. They come upward from Thailand, France, Hungary, Korea, USA, Germany, Swiss, Venezuela  and they volition compete inwards seven categories.

The length of moving ridge that come upward from the ocean tin endure 400 meters. That is why international surfers honey to come upward together with challenge the adrenaline. And now, the contest becomes an effect sport tourism together with volition endure held annually. Moreover, this effect becomes a gratuitous advertisement to invite tourists to explore the other tourist destinations inwards Banyuwangi.

Surfing Pulau Merah Beach
Actually, the type of moving ridge inwards Pulau Merah Beach is similar to Kuta Bali Beach inwards Bali Attractions, but a fighting bigger. Even, nether the moving ridge is sandy together with non rocky simply similar G-Land. That is why this location is rubber for surfing. What teach inwards exceptional is because during Apr to September, the moving ridge is high but non every bit extreme every bit at G-Land.

In Pulau Merah Beach, the moving ridge is supportive for surfers to produce whatever maneuver such every bit tubing technique because the moving ridge is to a greater extent than serious, addition less of stone at the base of operations of the beach, hence that this is safer for surfers. Although the the moving ridge is pretty high, but both professional person together with amateur tin surf at Pulau Merah Beach.

Aside having Pulau Merah Beach, Banyuwangi likewise receive got Plengkung Beach that previously known every bit surfing spot. Plus, Plengkung Beach is pop to G-Land together with having higher moving ridge compared past times Pulau Merah Beach. As you lot know, G-Land is to a greater extent than suitable for professional person surfer because the Kingkong moving ridge is to a greater extent than challenging. While inwards surfing Pulau Merah Beach, the beach is gradient slightly together with suitable for surf school.

Waiting for the sunset at Pulau Merah Beach
The principal graphic symbol of the beach is having white to brownish sand alongside 3 km length seaside. The beach is likewise surrounded past times the hills together with nether the the colina itself is amount of rocks. When the sunset comes, the smoothen lite having orangish to carmine color. The colina is likewise having carmine color. As the H2O is receding, you lot tin boot the bucket to the colina easily. That is why people advert the beach every bit Pulau Merah or Red Island.

Travelers, don’t scream upward the crowd of the people inwards Pulau Merah Beach alone be inwards the morning time or daytime. You volition surprise to know that fifty-fifty when the 24-hour interval going to dark, the people come upward to a greater extent than together with to a greater extent than to the beach to run into dozens of surfers who are trying to conquer the ferocity of moving ridge inwards Pulau Merah Beach. Moreover, the people interested to await the sunset at the beach. And for for photographer, the sunset inwards the beach is ane of spectacular location inwards Banyuwangi every bit well.

Other activities at Pulau Merah Beach
Travelers, if you lot don't receive got experience of surfing, you lot tin receive got surf schoolhouse at Pulau Merah Beach. Don't worry close the equipment because you lot tin rent board surf from IDR25k – IDR50k a 24-hour interval close the beach. But if you lot desire to produce something else, you lot however receive got some activities there.

For paralayang lover, you lot tin piece of employment the colina at the isle to receive got off. The other run a peril you lot tin attempt is parasailing. Even, inwards sure occasion, you lot likewise volition endure invited to disclose infant turtles to the beach. And because the tiptop of the moving ridge is approximately two – v meters together with that is why Pulau Merah Beach is non suitable for swimming. So, don’t swim there.

Hunting local culiner at Pulau Merah Beach
After tired of surfing inwards Pulau Merah Beach, you lot may experience hungry. There are hence many nutrient stalls offers you lot seafood together with kokosnoot water. Besides that, you lot likewise volition uncovering traditional nutrient from Banyuwangi. The presence of street vendors is likewise real helpful because when the province of affairs is crowded, they tin render you lot mineral water.

Then where to remain inwards Pulau Merah Beach? Don't worry, you lot tin remain overnight at Manyar Hotel, Kalibatu Cottege, Watu Dodol, Ketapang Indah, Berlian Abadi, Ikhtiar Surya, Ijen Resort together with Villas, Agung Jaya Mahkota, Margo Utomo Argo Resort, together with Margo Utomo Hill View.

How it sounds travelers? Interesting, isn’t it? 


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