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Kintamani Cycling
Aug 13th 2013, Kintamani Volcano to Ubud Village.

Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 exceptional cycling tour sum twenty-four hours of jeopardy inwards Bali. We would similar to give an interesting experience, education, exercise, in addition to fun. To our invitee volition see a Balinese chemical compound to run into what the Balinese abode seat down what their life, java plantation, with see interesting archeological remains of the Temple, rice peddies, in addition to Balinese traditional civilization during your trips. Enjoy the twenty-four hours sum of fun in addition to jeopardy a rare chance to run into a existent Bali.

We commence our tour yesteryear riding to the spectacular beauty lake & mount Batur (Kintamani). Then later you lot breakfast we’re see the beauty of java plantation, where you lot volition seen procedure to brand Balinese Coffee. 

Downhill on metro seat down round, sentry the passing of rural life changing upon a exceptional temples, Tirta Empul the holly spring. 

After see a Temple, proceed journeying to see rice paddies during 1 hr walk through lush rice paddy panoramas to run into the marvelous irrigation arrangement operate in addition to uncovering the fourth dimension less routine of planting in addition to harvesting rice.

On your tour nosotros volition endure run into the passing parade of rural life equally nosotros cycle, stopping along the means to chat with hamlet women in addition to farmers with their daily operate routine in addition to to lough at the antics of the small-scale children who smile, wave, in addition to tell hello.....

The end of your tour, nosotros volition see a Ukur - Ukuran Temple, where these Temple xv am interesting inheritance archeological remains. Last experience bask to choice your bill of fare tiffin at the stunning eating seat at Ubud, environment of rice paddies view. Last having tiffin at Balinese Restaurant at Ubud.

Cycling Included :
- Pick Up & Return Hotel
- Mountain Bike & Safety Helmet
- Balinese Breakfast & Lunch
- Mineral Water & Snacks 
- Entrance Ticket to the Temple


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