Bali Indonesia Travel Map: Jatiluwih Rice Terraces

Penebel is 1 of Bali's hidden beauties situated inward Tabanan Regency. Penebel is known every bit Bali's Rice Bowl, funnily plenty it is cocoa producing area. The colors of the scenery, the mixing of the light-green in addition to yellowish rice champaign terraces are a sight for sore eyes every bit you lot come upward upon the showtime hamlet inward the Penebel district. The sight alone larn to a greater extent than stunning when you lot gain the pinnacle of Jatiluwih. There you lot volition sentiment 1 of the nearly impressive waterways inward Bali, an irrigation called Subak. Imagine yourself out of your machine in addition to immersed inside the breathtaking scenery all approximately you. Some warung (food stalls) job the route side, an first-class location to admire the sentiment piece enjoying a loving cup of hot potable in addition to hot banana fritters.


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