Bali Travel Attractions Map and Things to do in Bali: Nebula Kuningan (Kuningan, Jakarta)

Nebula Kuningan is a novel eating seat together with bar located at Mega Kuningan area, specifically at Kantor Taman A9. Apparently, they are nether the same administration every bit Nebula Bali and they are specialized inward serving diverse authentic Indonesian cuisine together with innovative cocktails. It mightiness hold out quite difficult to uncovering the eating seat every bit it's located quite remote from around other eating seat inward Mega Kuningan area, but only follow the maps together with I bet y'all volition hold out at that spot without whatever problem.

The eating seat itself is non actually big, but it's spacious plenty together with I reckon they could conform upwards to fifty people. The pattern of the interior was industrial-inspired alongside a uncomplicated deport upon of modernity. I bet this volition hold out a neat house to pass your character fourth dimension alongside friends or having describe organization coming together or dinner. Basically, they convey 2 kinds of carte which are Lunch Menu (focusing on carte for private serving) together with Dinner Menu (focusing on carte for sharing plate) Oh together with they volition convey their soft opening on 17 July 2017, therefore hold out certain to grade your calendar!

Let's larn started alongside their food, shall we?

Chicken Betutu (IDR 138k)
Chicken Betutu

The Chicken Betutu was served along alongside long edible bean lawar and peanut, it tasted pretty delicious together with I dear the tenderness of the chicken. The betutu spice itself was quite potent together with pretty authentic every bit it tasted similar alongside what I've had inward Bali.

Glazed Short Ribs (IDR 164k)
Glazed Short Ribs

Their Glazed Short Ribs tasted pretty delicious every bit good alongside the perfectly marinated together with tender meat alongside their signature sauce. It tasted pretty sweetness together with a trivial fleck spicy together with facial expression at those pretty together with instagram-able plating!

Lamb Shank Gulai (IDR 181k)
Lamb Shank Gulai

Honestly, I've never liked lamb meat because of its gamey smell, but I had to acknowledge that they did a neat undertaking inward removing those gamey smell. This ane tasted pretty delicious together with tender alongside no bad olfactory belongings at all! If y'all dear gulai, I bet y'all volition dear this one.

Salted Egg Squid (IDR 78k)
Salted Egg Squid

One of the most happening dish these days, salted egg squid! Don't y'all mean value that everything volition hold out neat if they are paired upwards alongside salted egg?

Nasi Kuning
Nasi Kuning

Nasi Kuning is ane of their tiffin carte pick which was a form of private portion. It was served along alongside crispy potato, flakes, meat together with chili. This ane tasted pretty decent together with I personally dear their crispy murphy because it was unique together with delicious!


Pitaya Sunrise (IDR 52k)
Pitaya Sunrise

Aside cocktails together with food, they likewise had the infamous smoothies bowl together with the color was definitely pretty together with fun to watch. It was served inward a circular wooden bowl together with definitely a neat choice for those who try salubrious food.

Yoggi Wannaberry

Overall, I had a wonderful tiffin at Nebula Kuningan, their nutrient tasted unexpectedly amazing together with authentic, the service was superb, around all of the servers were friendly together with knowledgeable which was rare to regard inward novel restaurants these days together with the house was nice. I promise they keep the consistency of their nutrient because around everything was great. Best of luck for Nebula Kuningan cheers for having me!

Nebula Kuningan
Kantor Taman A9, Jl. physician Ide Anak Agung Gde Agung Lot. 8.9/A9, Kuningan, Jakarta

Opening Hours:
Monday - Dominicus : 11.00 - 22.00


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