Bali Travel Attractions Map and Things to do in Bali: Sunday Brunch At Rasa (Ayana Midplaza, Jakarta)

Rasa Restaurant is ane of the hotel buffet restaurant(s) located at AYANA DKI Jakarta (formerly known every bit InterContinental Jakarta). If I've ever talked virtually the Ramadan especial dinner, (you tin read it here) instantly I'm going to part virtually my recent sense indulging inward Singaporean Food Festival Lord's Day Brunch at Rasa Restaurant!

The eating seat did laissez passer on a unlike vibe for Lord's Day Brunch every bit it is brighter in addition to to a greater extent than family-friendly amongst those beautiful persuasion of the pool. The natural lighting from the outdoor surface area was pretty nifty in addition to refreshing too although the weather condition was a fiddling flake hot during my visit. The Lord's Day Brunch was priced at IDR 388k nett per somebody which is a nifty deal!

Let's larn started amongst their food!

Singapore Laksa

The Singaporean Food Festival was held on ii - xv August 2017 yesteryear inviting Chefs from Singapore, thus you lot could hold off authentic flavour of Singaporean food. In example you lot don't desire to immature adult woman whatsoever especial deals for the dining, you lot tin cheque their website here. The Singapore Laksa tasted perfect amongst a hint of tangy in addition to spicy flavour amongst perfect thick broth.

Chili Crab

The Chili Crab was served along amongst fried mantou in addition to it tasted super delicious in addition to I ever dearest the chili crab sauce fifty-fifty though I'm non a big fan of seafood itself. Be prepared every bit your mitt mightiness larn a fiddling flake messy in addition to dingy when eating this Chili Crab (lol!)


I did endeavor bunch of other menus available during my Lord's Day Brunch sense in addition to I accept to tell that nothings disappoint me, I personally dearest the super unique tacos amongst oxtail meat in addition to greenish chili sauce which surprisingly complements each other well. The seafood served was pretty fresh in addition to at that spot are dimsum sections too if you lot prefer to accept Chinese-style brunch.


One matter that should never endure missed if you lot catch Rasa Restaurant is to endeavor their famous dessert which was pretty in addition to amazing. (kudos to the pastry chef!) Seriously, I could tell that their dessert was on the whole around other score in addition to I'd fifty-fifty come upwardly hither exclusively for their dessert (yes, it's that good!)


As a dessert-person myself, I'd recommend you lot to endeavor all of their dessert but if I accept to recommend one, you lot accept to endeavor the famous egg inward the nest looking chocolate dessert. Trust me, it tasted divine in addition to you lot volition endure longing for it ane time you lot tried it!


Overall, I enjoyed my Lord's Day Brunch sense at Rasa Restaurant, their nutrient tasted nifty (and the dessert was amazing!), the service was nifty in addition to the house is nice. I'd highly recommend this house for family, lovers or friends who would similar to indulge inward Lord's Day Brunch sense because they offering pretty skilful bargain amongst reasonable price. Last but non least, thank you lot for having me in addition to best of luck for Rasa Restaurant!

Rasa Restaurant
AYANA Midplaza JAKARTA, Jl. Jend. Sudirman 10-11, Sudirman, DKI Jakarta 10220
(021) 2510888

Opening Hours:
Monday - sun : 5h 30m - 11h, 11h 30m - 15h, 18h - 23h


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