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(Raise your manus if you lot dear these uber cute lazy egg, Gudetama!)

Some of you lot mightiness possess got noticed that I only came dorsum from my concluding trip to Hongkong as well as Taiwan.(as I postal service a lot of photos on my instagram!) It was my longest trip that I've always had as well as then far as well as I'm happy as well as exhausted at the same time. I managed to view ane of the hottest Sanrio character themed-cafe inwards Taipei, the infamous Gudetama Chef cafe!

Curious most my dining sense here? Let's instruct it started!


I am a large fan of egg as well as I dear the quote "No Egg No Life", who's amongst me? ;)


Look at those super cute lazy egg decoration, you'll literally topographic point him everywhere within the restaurant. (literally everywhere including the toilet) I've heard from a lot of people that themed-cafe nutrient are normally overpriced as well as tasted so-so but I've to nation you lot that the nutrient at Gudetama Chef was super delicious!

Toilet Sign

The eating seat itself is non actually big, but definitely eye-satisfying amongst those pretty ornamentation as well as I practice recommend you lot to brand reservation earlier you lot came here. (you tin brand online reservation amongst guarantee payment NTD 200/person) as well as transcend away on inwards heed that you lot volition alone possess got ninety minutes fourth dimension for dining it amongst those lazy egg.

Let's instruct started amongst their food!

(Since all of the card is written inwards Chinese, I tried to practice the English linguistic communication version of it)

Gudetama Risotto amongst Grilled Salmon (NTD 320 / IDR 140k)
Gudetama Risotto amongst Grilled Salmon

Ten points for the plating although mine came amongst a footling chip flaw on the rice. This ane tasted surprisingly delicious as well as I freaking dear the grilled salmon, it tasted build clean as well as non overwhelmingly dominant. The rice itself tasted pretty adept as well as fragrant as well as it kinda remind me of the Indonesian nutrient called "Nasi Kuning" (in a adept agency of course!)

Gudetama Egg Waffle (NTD 160 / IDR 70k)
Gudetama Egg Waffle

This ane is basically an Gudetama-shaped egg waffle, it tasted pretty decent although I constitute that the waffle was a footling chip heavy as well as patently as well as it would move amend if they serve this ane amongst sauce or jam. :(

Gudetama Corn Soup (NTD 120 / IDR 52k)
Gudetama Corn Soup

This ane mightiness expression unflattering but I possess got to nation you lot that their corn soup was super duper adept as well as I never expected it to move that good. The soup had a squeamish residuum as well as it was creamy but non likewise creamy. Everything was only adept as well as well-balanced, Bravo!


Gudetama Slushie (NTD 220 / IDR 97k)

I swear I saw that almost everyone within the eating seat was buying this one, the argue is because you lot tin possess got the bottle equally souvenir amongst you! The slushie itself tasted pretty okay although it would move amend if the sense of savor was bolder.

Overall, I enjoyed my view to Gudetama Chef, the nutrient tasted delicious, the service was squeamish as well as the house was cute. To move honest, I didn't hold off much from themed-cafe nutrient as well as this ane was beyond my expectation. I practice recommend you lot to effort this eating seat if you lot move on to view Taiwan as well as you lot dear Gudetama!

I'll move making nutrient conduct inwards Hong Kong as well as Taiwan sometimes soon, as well as then remain tune!

Gudetama Chef
No. 12, Lane 236, Section 1, Dunhua south Rd, Da’an District, Taipei City
+886 two 2752 9520

Opening Hours:
Mon : Closed
Tuesday - Dominicus : 11.00 - 22.00

*Currency charge per unit of measurement 1 NTD = IDR 440

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