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H5N1 unique experience y'all tin receive got inward Bali is travail to riding a camel yesteryear the beach. This unique activities oft done yesteryear couples whose looking for the pre-wedding Photo-Spot. The camel ride has been at that spot inward Hotel Hilton (was Hotel Nikko) since xx twelvemonth ago. But non many people knowing almost this, though the guide said that it is pop for Japanese tourist.

While I knew almost the Camel years before, I simply had the gamble to travail it yesterday. I booked the Camel weeks earlier our view to Bali. Turned out it is a correct way. When nosotros visited the venue. It has already fully booked.

We booked the outset batch inward the forenoon because the Sun lite is yet well for y'all spell the conditions is already groovy for taking photos. The camel is located far downwards on the beach. H5N1 guard was escorting us to the place. There nosotros saw the camels amongst their herders. There are sum v camels on the beach. The oldest is 37 years spell the others are or as well as then eleven years old.


They receive got several bundle for this camel ride, depends on how long y'all desire to ride the camel (30 - sixty minutes) as well as whether y'all desire to include the nutrient subsequently or not. They also furnish a pre-wedding packages. All safari tour is required 2 persons minimum. Here the information of their packages :

*this charge per unit of measurement discipline to change 
  1. Safari 1 - include 1 hr camel safari amongst tiffin or dinner + parasailing, banana boat, drinking glass bottom boat, as well as turtle farm
  2. Safari 2 - include 1 hr camel safari
  3. Safari three - include 1 hr camel safari amongst tiffin or dinner
  4. Safari iv - include xxx minutes camel safari (we pick this one)
  5. Safari v - include 1 hr camel safari amongst Balinese massage
  6. Safari vi - include 1 hr camel safari amongst Kecak Dance
  7. Pre-wedding packages : xxx minutes or 1 hr photograph wedding

There's also receive got transportation service for forenoon as well as afternoon safari inward several location, such equally : Nusa Dua, Tanjung Benoa, Jimbaran, Tuban, Kuta, Legian, Seminyak, as well as Sanur. There's fourth dimension tabular array for every pick upwards location.

*terms as well as status apply for the transportation services

I strongly recommend to practice prior booking through their website to guarantee availability. They receive got v camels for this safari amongst several fourth dimension frame options for a day. 

Morning safari volition survive at 9.00 as well as 10.30 AM. Afternoon safari volition survive at 14.00 as well as 15.30 PM.

We took the xxx minutes ride as well as nosotros feels that it is to a greater extent than than enough. We ride the camel downwards from Hilton to Ritz Carlton beach. Lucky us it's a hot sunny day, no pelting or cloudy equally y'all tin run into at the pictures, a perfect clear bluish sky. No worried the Herders volition stroll along amongst y'all as well as receive got motion-picture exhibit after motion-picture exhibit for you. You simply sit down relax as well as taste the ride.

The Camel must motion inward group, because they are grown upwards together. If i is left behind, it volition dice restless as well as uncontrollable. That's why the minimum requirement for i ride is 2 persons. Along the way, nosotros across the ongoing evolution of Kempinski Hotel (which has run for vii years !?!), which is located betwixt Hilton as well as Ritz. We tin run into that the hotels developments inward the expanse makes the beach ecosystem changed.

There are 2 Camel Herders who guide us. One walk inward front end to guide the camel, as well as the other i took photos for us as well as much of our surprise, the effect is good. It seems that they are already done this hundreds of time.

Overall, this is a adept experience. Riding camels is genuinely non that unlike equally riding horse. But it is a novel experience for mounting as well as dismounting a camel. We simply promise that the fellowship volition ever receive got attention of the Herders as well as the camels non simply exploiting them for some other tourist attraction.

For to a greater extent than farther information y'all tin conduct contact BALI CAMEL SAFARI'S
Hope this information useful for whoever desire travail to ride a camel.


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