Bali Travel Attractions Map and Things to do in Bali: Sense Kyoto Inwards Kimono

So I took on Kyoto inwards Kimono. Basically in that place are enough of Kimono Rental Shop inwards Kyoto, but I prefer to majority them online offset merely for sure. I establish this Wargo Kimono Rental inwards Kyoto on their website and booked my reservation online. I picked their identify inwards Arashiyama, because it solely across the Saga Arashiyama Station. But they also own got branches inwards many identify similar Tokyo as well as Osaka too.

After took the develop from Osaka to Kyoto, nosotros arrived at the Rental store, going upstairs to pick my Kimono. They own got many alternative of Kimono. After I picked mine, they helped me to wearable my Kimono as well as yeah it's as well as thence hard I think. I'm similar wearing several layers of fabrics earlier in conclusion wearing the Outer Kimono itself. They also render pilus produce service but brand upwards service is non provide, as well as thence I recommend to produce the brand upwards offset earlier coming here.

Am strolling to a greater extent than or less Arashiyama bamboo Forest

I produce dearest the pilus produce as well as the Red color of course

Hubby took this pic, really proud of it, as well as insist to brand it canvass size to set at home

Loving my sakura topic nails fine art tho

At Tenryu-ji
Kimono as well as Sakura, perfectly tally except the Sakura hasn't sum flower yet

Hubby took this piece I'm capturing this thought at Instastory

Back details

Found a ryokan as well as took pic at the door

Kimono Forest at noon

Even though the weather condition was footling chip mutual frigidity as well as windy (around 10 degree) I all the same felt warm inwards the Kimono, as well as surprisingly the slippers was also really comfortable at all.

I paid 3.132 yen/day per kimono for an all-inclusive ready of undershirt, tabi-socks, obi, pilus ornaments, handbag, as well as other accessories. Hair was done alongside carve upwards charges.

It was an sense similar no other as well as I would LOVE to produce it again. Except that going to the bath was a littttlllleeee troublesome.

Next upwards inwards my favorite Gyukatsu inwards Osaka, detect out here

Arashiyama Store
Kyoto-shi, Ukyo-ku, Sagatenryuuji Kurumamichicho 9-2 2F
Opening hours : 09:00~18:00
Final credence fourth dimension : 17:00
Deadline fourth dimension for returning : 17:30
Tel: 075-600-2830


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