Bali Travel Attractions Map and Things to do in Bali: Weekend Inward Bandung : What To Consume Too What To Do

As long weekend approaching sometimes I desire to acquire a curt trip. Bandung ever acquire ane of the options since the distance is quite close from Jakarta, around three hours driving yesteryear car. Other alternative to croak to Bandung is yesteryear train.

Couple weeks agone in conclusion me together with hubby decided to had a curt trip to Bandung for three days 2 nights. We picked Intercontinental Hotel at Dago Pakar Resort Area instead of Bandung City Area. We picked this house because nosotros desire to by together with large pass our fourth dimension up

The Lodge Maribaya

As a famous house for it's nature inwards Lembang is The Lodge Maribaya. Many activities tin travel done at that spot similar camping, squad building, trekking activities, etc together with environs yesteryear beautiful pino forest. Not solely that, this house also offered you lot alongside many exciting attractions, such every bit : Sky Tree, Bamboo Sky, Zip Bike, Air Balloon, together with Mountain Swing.

For admission fee, you lot lead to pay IDR 20.000 (weekdays) together with IDR 25.000 (weekend). 
Admission fee for the attractions slightly dissimilar betwixt IDR 15.000 - IDR 20.000 per turn.
For adept pictures you lot tin also hired the local lensman at that spot alongside pay IDR 10.000/photo. 

Here several attractions that nosotros tried.

Floating Market Lembang

Another house to see inwards Lembang is Floating Market. Located inwards Grand Hotel No. 33 due east Lembang opened upwardly everyday. Admission fee : IDR 15.000/ somebody together with IDR 5.000 for 4 wheeled vehicles. Ticket that already purchased later on tin travel exchanged for potable provided at the master copy entrance.

This house is together with thence huge that lead many exciting places. You tin run into all the opened upwardly surface area on this sign-age when acquire inwards the floating market. We decided to went for Rainbow Garden together with Kota Mini instead.

Rainbow garden is known for it's commons total of varieties of flowers that offers breath-taking sentiment together with backdrops for your photos. To croak within nosotros lead to pay admission fee IDR 10.000/person. Beside the bloom parks, you lot tin also sentiment other plants such every bit cactus together with greens.

Other than rainbow Garden, there's also Kota Mini. This spot is perfect for kids to assistance them learning nearly project or profession. This house is total of row minimalist shaped building, such every bit law station, salon, fire-fighters station, hospital, market, etc. For the entrance fee, IDR 15.000/person on weekdays, together with IDR 20.000/person on weekend. To endeavour every spot alongside costume, at that spot volition travel an additional accuse depends on how many spot you lot enter. 

Kawah Putih

Famous known every bit ane of tourist spot, Kawah putih located at Ciwidey, close mount area. This house formed yesteryear the eruption of Gunung Patuha. As the refer implies, the province inwards this surface area is white due to the mixing of sulfur elements. In improver to the white soil, the lake H2O Kawah Putih surface area also has a whiteish-green color together with tin alter color according to sulfur content, temperature, together with weather.

Because the location is nearly the mount area, the temperature is quite mutual coldness betwixt 8-22 Celsius degree. It's improve convey your calorie-free jacket together with perhaps mask to protect your from the scent of sulfur.

Kawah Putih tin travel reached yesteryear car, motorcycle, together with bus. They offering 2 house for parking lot, at the entrance of kawah Putih (upstairs) together with downwards below the entrance (downstairs). The cost is dissimilar for both parking lot. If you lot desire the cheaper price, improve commons your machine at downstairs together with you lot tin croak upstairs riding ontang-anting provided there. It's around 10 minutes riding to acquire to the master copy entrance. Fee entrance for both weekdays together with weekend is IDR 15.000/person

  • Car (upstairs) : IDR 150.000
  • Motorcycle (upstairs) : IDR 35.000
  • Ontang-anting : IDR 13.000
  • Car (downstairs) : IDR 6.000
  • Motorcycle (downstairs): IDR 5.000
  • Bus (downstairs) : IDR 25.000

Several house nosotros visited for dejeuner together with dinner. All places lead their uniqueness, together with thence far nosotros honey the nutrient together with the ambience they offer.

La Costilla 

New spot inwards Bandung, a cute cafe alongside this iconic pinkish cactus wall that really insta-worth for taking pictures. Located at Karangsari, a measurement away from Jalan Setiabudi. They offering an affordable casual dining, combination of modern Western nutrient alongside Castilian twist flavour.

Their specialty inwards infant dorsum ribs, together with thence nosotros ordered ane together with the gustation is da bomb, alongside their sweetness spicy BBQ sauce. The work is but the ribs nevertheless lead besides many small-scale together with fine bones stick to the ribs.
We also ordered the aromatic tenderloin together with baked tater soup. Both of them are superb.

Jl. Karangsari No.8, Pasteur, Sukajadi, Kota Bandung, Jawa Barat 40161, Indonesia
Opneing hours : 8.00 AM - 10.30 PM

Please Please Please

Another cute newly opened house inwards Bandung. Dominated alongside white, pink, together with calorie-free light-green color that truly perfect for background of your photo. They lead downstairs together with upstairs, you lot tin lead wherever you lot similar to travel seated. For outdoor area, there's backyard together with small-scale house inwards front end of the entrace. Menu inwards hither dominated alongside western menu. Because we're non truly hungry, nosotros solely gild their dessert, molten lava cake. They served it nicely together with the chocolate filling totally melted. Love it. Maybe side yesteryear side I should endeavour their master copy course.

Jalan Progo No.37, Citarum, Bandung Wetan, Citarum, Bandung Wetan, 
Kota Bandung, Jawa Barat 40115, Indonesia
Opening hours : 7.00 AM - 10.00 PM

KenKen Bigul Kitchen

For pork lovers inwards Bandung, you lot mightiness know this place. Yes it's KenKen Bigul kitchen. The house filled alongside cute posters nearly porks, together with they served many pick of pork dishes inwards western together with Indonesian style, you lot choose. But they're famous for it's suckling pork of course.

Everytime nosotros came to Bandung, nosotros absolutely volition croak to this place. As their flavor together with gustation is really tally alongside our appetite. We ordered Nasi Bigul Special together with Nasi Bagor alongside additional Sate Samchan every bit always.

Their spicy is really unique almost same alongside Balinese' suckling pig. The sambal matah is also my favorite, it's really spicy but inwards a adept way.

Overall, if you're a large fan of pork dishes, KenKen Bigul volition travel a prissy alternative to try. Satisfying nutrient alongside really reasonable price.

Jl. Dr. Rajiman No.17, Pasir Kaliki, Cicendo, Kota Bandung, Jawa Barat 40171, Indonesia
Opening hours : 9.00 AM - 10.00 PM

The Valley Bistro Cafe

This house is known for their breath-taking sentiment at night. That's why nosotros decided to went hither for dinner when the house is at it's best. The eating theatre hither truly a business office of a resort. Located inwards upper hills of Dago they offering a serene together with beautiful metropolis of Bandung.

The nutrient truly really nice, nosotros gild the steak combo platter fifty-fifty though the cost is a niggling chip expensive here. But if you lot desire to feels romantic dinner alongside the sight-seeing of Bandung metropolis at nighttime this is the perfect spot.

Jl. Lembah Pakar Timur No. 28%2C Dago Pakar Ciburial Cimenyan Bandung Jawa Barat, 40198, Indonesia
Opening hours : 11.00 AM - 11.00 PM

Congo Cafe

Famous for it's enterprise wood gallery together with cafe, nosotros tried to had our early on dinner here. The concept was blueprint together with thence fascinating that feels similar we're inwards the middle of jungle, total of trees.

There's 2 separated edifice for people to choose, indoor together with outdoor. We picked the outdoor place, viewing to their some other indoor building. The conditions is quite windy together with thence if you're planning to sit down outdoor it's improve to convey calorie-free jacket here. Other than that 2 building, they also lead ane house for the wood gallery that you lot tin visit.

Jalan Rancakendal Luhur No.8, Dago Pakar Golf, Dago Pakar GolfCiburial, Ciburial, Cimenyan, Bandung, Jawa Barat 40191, Indonesia
Opening hours : 10.00 AM - 11.00 PM


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