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One of the most pop spot inwards Republic of Indonesia that also liked past times many tourists is none other than Bali. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 perfect house for summertime gate-away. Bali also 1 of my favourite spots for curt holiday. Offer a lot of nature escape such beaches in addition to rice fields, Balinese foods, super convenient hotels, in addition to lot of quirky in addition to fascinating cafes. Also my-5-years experiences living in that location makes me missed that urban meat hence much.

Once a twelvemonth my in addition to my hubby ever takes our fourth dimension inwards Bali exactly for a quick see in addition to escape the busy Jakarta. Here's  some of our guideline for a perfect summertime opor-garai inwards Bali.


In Bali, the most convenient agency for strolling to a greater extent than or less hither is past times motorbike or car. You tin give the axe rent a motorbike or machine (with or without driver) amongst diverse of type. The toll make is also depends on the machine it self, automatic or manual, amongst or without driver. Last fourth dimension nosotros went to Bali, nosotros rent an Avanza (automatic) machine for IDR 300.000/day without driver. We're to a greater extent than convenient to drive ourself in that location actually. If you lot locomote amongst groups, you lot may demand a bigger transportation such every bit mini van or bus.

Why practise I propose you lot to rent a transportation inwards Bali? It's merely because there's only taxi in addition to 'ojek' for populace transportation there. You won't uncovering whatever motorcoach or possibly 'angkot' inwards Bali. Well, online transportation is also non really welcome in that location hence it volition survive hard to uncovering it there.

Bali Rental (Pak Nyoman) - 0812.3955.561

Several times going dorsum in addition to forth here, I ever using Bali Rental past times Pak Nyoman. Good services amongst also affordable prices brand me also recommend him to some of my delineate of piece of occupation solid unit of measurement in addition to friends.


Bali offers many sort of hotels in addition to villas. Every location has its ain uniqueness. If you lot desire a individual hotel amongst individual beach, you lot tin give the axe essay Nusa Dua area. But privacy came amongst price. The most crowded expanse amongst many cafes, bars, alive music tin give the axe survive uncovering inwards Seminyak, Kuta, in addition to Legian area. For catching a sunset you lot tin give the axe bask remain at Uluwatu or Jimbaran area. Last but non least, Ubud volition offering you lot a calm nature stance amongst rice fields in addition to everything greens. 

We oftentimes came to Bali in addition to tried to remain at many unlike hotel because nosotros liked to sense the hotel wherever nosotros stayed.

TS Suite Villa, Seminyak

I spent 1 dark hither duo years agone every bit a 2nd choice to 1 of Nusa Dua hotels. Turn out to survive a best experience. So now, when bringing larger companionship I booked hither again. 

I spent my ii nights inwards Bali here. I booked TSky, the ii bedrooms villas on plough over flooring amongst a individual puddle in addition to it was amazing. It was clean, cozy, in addition to convenient. The service is consistent. Free minibars, costless massages, 24h stand upward past times facilities, unloose delineate of piece of occupation concern center, etc. Every complaints are handled really well. 

I would similar to render hither every fourth dimension I'm inwards Bali. And I also encourage you lot too. It's worth the price.

Entrance lobby


Bathroom Goals

Private Pool

Hotel Swimming Pool at Roof Top

Sofitel Bali, Nusa Dua

This is a 2nd fourth dimension for me to remain inwards Sofitel Nusa Dua Bali. And I mean value I honey this see to a greater extent than than the first. The stance is greater now. They also receive got room amongst straight access to the swimming pool. You don't receive got to walk to achieve the pool, exactly perish along swimming.

Several activities are in that location for you lot to bask  if you lot don't desire to become exterior the hotel. Me in addition to hubby learnt some archery hither which is a really addition betoken I've constitute on this visit; staying inwards Sofitel however hateful that you lot tin give the axe practise outdoor activities similar sunbathing, badminton, volleyball, in addition to archery inwards private. Sometimes inwards the morn they also receive got an aquarobic (aerobic inwards swimming pool). 

What I honey staying inwards most Nusa Dua hotel receive got a individual beach, that tin give the axe only survive access past times hotel guest. It truly brand me truly bask the beach because it less crowded than the populace beaches.

Entrance Lobby


Archery session

Swimming Pool

Private Beach

Mulia, Nusa Dua

This is my commencement fourth dimension to pass the dark inwards Mulia Group hotel, in addition to I essay it inwards Bali. Overall, every bit a standalone Hotel, Mulia Resort receive got sufficient expectation to survive called luxury resort. The hotel is hence clean. In fact, this is the cleanest hotel I've ever see hence far. They volition give you  complimentary 2 welcome drinks, 1 inwards the Bar, in addition to 1 inwards ZJ's Night Club (yes, they receive got a dark society inwards the compound). A Neorest Toilet!! automatic amongst warmer lavatory is a rare thing to run into inwards Indonesian Hotels. 

The hotel is hence huge that makes you lot tin give the axe explore in addition to bask every corner of it. From swimming pool, individual beach, dark club, restaurants, in addition to many more. The only concern is they don't receive got a valet service. Since the parking expanse is hard to access from hotel area, it a chip bothers me to ever dorsum in addition to forth to the parking lot instead of the entrance hall in addition to acquire some valet.

Lobby entrance


My room view

Swimming Pool

Private beach

For whatever other hotel references, you lot tin give the axe click my link here



The most authentic nutrient beside Balinese Rice in addition to Ayam Betutu is Suckling Pig (Babi Guling). Babi Guling consists of diverse parts of pork (meats in addition to intestines) served amongst rice in addition to spices. This nutrient is really pop inwards Bali, nearly every corner you lot tin give the axe easily uncovering this Suckling Pig restaurant. It seems that local Balinese families tin give the axe create this food, amongst their ain delineate of piece of occupation solid unit of measurement recipes. The toll make betwixt IDR 30.000 - IDR 50.000 per portion. 

Up until now, Babi Guling restaurants are all traditional. Usually they opened upward from 9.00 until sold out. No affair how crowded the eating theatre is, they appear to brand the nutrient only from 1 grunter daily. So the famous ones volition survive unopen before than the others.

Here's several of my favourite suckling pig.

Babi Guling Pak Chandra

Jl. Teuku Umar, Dauh Puri Kauh, Denpasar Bar., Kota Denpasar, Bali
7 AM - 10 PM

Babi Guling Pak Dobiel

My commencement sweat tried this 1 in addition to I honey it! Even the share I mean value lilliputian chip smaller than the other. I also honey their soup, spicy but however gustation really good. If you lot tin give the axe non stand upward of spicy food, you lot tin give the axe also asking a non-spicy suckling grunter here. Best fourth dimension to see is early on morn to avoid crowds.

Jl. Srikandi No. 9, Nusa Dua, Badung, Bali
9 AM - four PM

Babi Guling Pak Malen

Still my favorite though hence far. You tin give the axe monastic enjoin mix or separated. I prefer separated because you lot volition acquire the share much to a greater extent than than a mix one. This scukling grunter non every bit spicy every bit Pak Dobiel but the gustation also really good. Best fourth dimension to see also early on morn to avoid the crowds.

Jalan Sunset Road No. 554, Seminyak, Kuta, Kabupaten Badung, Bali
9 AM - vi PM

Babi Guling Bu Dayu
    My Balinese friends recommended me to essay this suckling pig. Their opening fourth dimension is unlike amongst the others, they opened upward from seven pm until midnight depends on how fast their stock decrease. So to survive honest this is the best suckling grunter I've ever taste. Not to advert they also receive got balung (pork knuckle soup) for those who similar it. Sometimes before seven pm the queue already there. Best fourth dimension to see truly a lilliputian chip dark to a greater extent than or less nine pm or later. 

    ALERT this is really spicy hence for you lot who tin give the axe non stand upward a spicy one, you lot may desire to consider to asking a depression spicy one.

    Jl. Raya Kuta (depan BCA)
    6 PM - midnight


    Sate Plecing Arjuna

    This is my favorite since I was immature when I used to lived inwards Bali amongst my parents. They served ii kinds of meat : pork in addition to beef satay. They also receive got ii sort of sauce : Plecing and Sweet Sauce. Actually I prefer the sweetness sauce rather than plecing. But most people honey the plecing because it gustation a lilliputian chip spicy. Other than that, they also receive got several soups similar : meatball soup, sumsum soup, etc

    Jalan Arjuna No.47, Denpasar Utara, Bali
    9 AM - three PM

    Sate Babi Bawah Pohon

    Sate Babi Bawah Pohon (Lit. pork satay nether the tree) started every bit Satay Stand on the parking spot on Jalan Patih Jelantik. It gained popularity due to its inexpensive price. However, the toll come upward amongst smaller portion. Each skewer only consist ii pieces of meat. Perhaps in that location are many other eating theatre render tastier in addition to improve share than this place. But if you lot exactly desire to practise a quick culinary halt without making your stomach full, this is the place.

    Parking spot lapangan trimaksih, Jl. Patih Jelantik, Legian, Kuta, Kabupaten Badung, Bali
    9 AM - vi PM
    Price Range : IDR 20000 / portion

    CAFES in addition to PLACES

    While Kuta in addition to Legian expanse total of international tourist, aside from beach in addition to nightclubs, the shops in that location mainly sells local goods in addition to traditional crafts. On recent years, a quick evolution are happening inwards novel expanse such every bit Seminyak in addition to Canggu area. This expanse is developed to a "Western Town" Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 house total of western nutrient in addition to western tourist inwards tropical island. Some foreigners, cooperate amongst locals also fix shops here. This phenomenon makes visiting this expanse a unique experience. Not to advert that most of these places are instagrammable.

    Sun of Panama

    Offering a white-blue colour-themed, this is 1 of the instagrammable house inwards Canggu. They also render the puddle for us to chill past times the puddle or for kids playing to a greater extent than or less the pool. Words of warning: they practise non allowed DSLR Camera to receive got flick here. However, pocket-sized mirrorless photographic television camera is however allowed at the fourth dimension of our visit.

    Sea Vu Play

    With body of body of water in addition to carnival themed, Sea Vu are 1 of must see places for instagrammed. However, due to really hot conditions inwards this area, Sea Vu is crowded at night.

    Cabina Bali

    Located at Canggu, this cafe has a pocket-sized puddle you lot tin give the axe role to swim or exactly to chill out. This puddle facility is generally role past times western foreigners. You may desire to essay their breakfast inwards the puddle package. It is a breakfast served on the tray floating on pool. Another unique thing to essay is "Tolak Angin" Ice Cream. Also you lot receive got to pay minimum 100K/ individual to acquire into this place.

    Folie Kitchen

    Folie is located ii minutes drive from Cabina. It famous of its bakery in addition to cake every bit good every bit breakfast menus. Folie also receive got a individual lodging which receive got beautiful landscape.

    Mad Pops

    Mad Pops are known for their vegetarian campaign. All of their products are vegetarian friendly. They started their delineate of piece of occupation concern past times selling popsicles in addition to and then start selling gelato in addition to coffees too. Mad Pops are known past times "Ice Ice Baby" Neon Sign inwards Instagram which is 1 of principal reasons people come upward to this place. However practise non survive deceived past times pictures. This house is really tiny in addition to really hard to uncovering parking spot here. They also receive got a branch inwards Canggu expanse but they are non selling popsicles there. However this is 1 of must see house inwards Bali, peculiarly if you lot similar ice.

    La Brisa

    Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 ascension star house inwards Canggu, La Brisa is a pop house to sentry Sun set. This house receive got many photograph spots in addition to when nosotros visited this place, they are expanding the house (maybe finished afterward inwards 2018). To acquire into this house you lot must purchase a voucher valued IDR 100,000 per individual which tin give the axe survive role to purchase foods in addition to drinks inside.

    HAVE Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 GREAT SUMMER VACATION ALL


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