Bali Travel Attractions Map and Things to do in Bali: Ulun Danu Temple & Bedugul Botanical Garden

Ulun Danu Temple is a Balinese Hindu Temple located at Candi Kuning countryside, Baturiti sub district too Tabanan regency. The distance from Denpasar town is nearly 50 km due north side the means from Denpasar . It is fix at lakeside of Beratan amongst beautiful lake sentiment too hills surround it. It is situated inwards the plateau expanse amongst cool atmosphere surround it too hills equally a backdrop. 

Bedugul Bali Botanic Garden is unique  house for botanical research, conservation, pedagogy too recreation. It provides a house where you lot tin rate notice relax inwards beautiful too peaceful environs spell learning nearly the purpose of plants inwards the daily lives of Balinese people equally good equally many interesting tropical rainforest plants too aeroplane life .For farther data delight catch our site at .

In Bedugul, Candikuning hamlet area, the landscape remains natural, unspoiled. In the expanse the are some exciting places to visit. The Botanical Garden is located at 1250 - 1450 M nearly body of body of water level. Being this high nearly the body of body of water explicate why Bali's park tropical climate doesn't accomplish this area. During the daytime the temperature is only about 17 - 25^C too equally the eve falls the temperature too falls to a cool x - 15^C. The climate remains this means almost all the twelvemonth around, consummate amongst fogs inwards the mornings too evenings, or fifty-fifty mists during the rainy flavor - the H2O inwards this expanse is unpredictable. So arm yourself amongst warm clothing too umbrella or a raincoat.
Another exciting slice of nature inwards the expanse is lake Bratan. Lake Bratan receives yard of visitors every year. The Bratan Ulun Danu Temple a shrine built to await similar it's floating inwards the lake is 1 of it's primary attractions. Other activities offered are lake tours on a canoe, fishing, jet skiing, H2O skiing, too more.
Strawberry  too vegetable farming past times the lake are other reasons for visitors to come.

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