Destinationsinbali; Tidung Island, Jakarta

Tidung Island, afterwards called past times the backpacker Republic of Indonesia equally the New Paradise, is the largest isle alongside the grouping of islands inwards the Thousand Islands. The isle is already inhabited past times people since the Dutch colonial era. In the mass History of Djakarta mentioned that when Fatahillah invaded Malacca, he as well as his troops to operate the existing islands inwards the Bay of Djakarta equally a house to laid the strategy. One of the isle was named "Tidung" which way shelter.

Tidung Island is the centre of Pulau Seribu District. The isle is inhabited past times to a greater extent than than 3 yard caput of the family. Most of the inhabitants are fishermen.

To the due east of the isle in that place is an isle named "Small Tidung." Now both of these islands are connected past times a wooden dyad that is really beautiful. We tin give notice downwards the bridge, looking downwards the clear sea with stunning coral reefs as well as colorful fish. The length of the dyad most two miles. Around the dyad in that place are several fish cages owned past times local fishermen.

Small Bridge connecting Tidung Island

Although non a tourist island, the isle is really comfortable to live on used equally house of recreation for the people who desire to bask the atmosphere of the isle with a depression cost. Clear sea H2O as well as white sand beach, is really beautiful to live on enjoyed. Enchantment of the Sun inwards the morn as well as eventide is the beautiful scenery every day. So produce non live on surprised if the backpacker telephone phone this isle equally a novel paradise for lovers of community tourism.

Fish Cage owned past times Local Fisherman

Swimming as well as angling on the isle is really pleasant. Visitors tin give notice fish on the pier, bridge, or rent a angling boat. Diving as well as snorkeling tin give notice likewise live on exciting activities on the island. Especially instantly widely available equipment rental summation snorkeling as well as diving guides as well as pocket-sized boat.

There are many accommodation facilities available here. In the past times year, structure of novel inn continues to live on done past times residents to anticipate the release of visitors continues to increase. If whatever existing inn is full, nosotros could remain at the solid of 1 resident. Generally they are really friendly inwards serving the guests. If you lot desire to larn something to consume tin give notice likewise live on purchased at nutrient stalls. There was rice, meatballs, chicken noodle as well as others. We likewise tin give notice venture catering at habitation resident. They must live on willing to bring that nosotros venture catering. About price, non expensive, really. Only most Rp 15.000 to Rp 17.000 rupiah for 1 meal.

To accomplish this island, could live on from Port "Muara Angke" Jakarta, or from the Port "Muara Cituis" Tangerang. To the Port of Muara Angke, nosotros tin give notice ride world shipping from Grogol. Meanwhile, if passed Tangerang, nosotros tin give notice travail from Terminal "Pasar Baru".

Port to Tidung Island

Scheduled difference of vessel from Muara Cituis Tangerang every lx minutes 11:00 AM with a fare of Rp 20,000 as well as move simply about 1.5 hours long. Want to try?

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