Destinationsinbali; Loksado At Meratus Mountain

Loksado is the cite of a hamlet inwards the Kandangan, South Kalimantan, most 2.5 hours from Banjarmasin. The hamlet is crossed past times a river named Amandit. Amandit River is sourced from the mountains Meratus, has a fairly heavy menses alongside the flow filled alongside rocks thus it was suitable for rafting, in addition to the raft used hither traditionally made from bamboo. Appropriate flavor to play the raft is most Apr to June when the H2O debit is non besides shallow in addition to non besides deep.

In improver to rafting, Travelers also convey the chance to view the hamlet Malaris, a Dayak Meratus Tribe hamlet that withal real natural in addition to in that place are relics of the household "Betang", which is a long house-shaped alphabetic lineament "L" in addition to is inhabited past times dozens of families.

Bamboo Rafting

 House of Dayak Tribes
To larn to Loksado, from the drome nosotros tin ride world shipping to Hulu Sungai Selatan, in addition to thus switch to roughly other world shipping to larn to Loksado. The route is a typical mount roads that rising in addition to sum of twists. Or to larn far easier, nosotros tin piece of employment the services of move agents or rent a machine to larn to the location.

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