Destinationsinbali; Karapan Sapi [Bull Race]

Karapan is a traditional moo-cow racing from Madura, East Java. Most people Madura assume that karapan non simply an annual traditional party. But for them, karapan is a symbol of prestige that tin plough over the sack enhance the dignity of the people of Madura, because the cows are used to agree the games has real skilful character in addition to special.

In celebration of this karapan, the owners pride at stake. If they win the game, inwards add-on to prize coin from the organizers, they likewise larn coin from betting they do. If they lose this game, the possessor volition barbarous out of much money, because the handling earlier the game was real expensive. Usually they hired a shaman to aid maintain the cows rubber from attacks their enemies shaman.

Karapan celebration is held 1 time a year, but to larn to the finals, participants must run across the commencement few stages. There are 2 kinds of celebrations karapan dimadura cow, the commencement is the President Cup in addition to the Regent Cup. Regent loving cup is usually held twice a year, the winners of this loving cup regents volition operate on the game ordinarily to the President of the cup. The number was held inwards the metropolis of Bangkalan in addition to celebrations betwixt September or October.

In the number karapan, the audience non exclusively intertained amongst race in addition to agility of the jockey, but earlier the race starts, they volition endure intertained past times the ritual procession held past times the cows possessor around the the race track. Accompanied past times Soronen, traditional musical instruments of Madura, making this number to a greater extent than festive .

The length of the road path karapan betwixt is 180 to 200 meters, which tin plough over the sack endure completed inside fourteen sd xviii seconds. The speed of these cows, but because of shrewdness jockey, sometimes makes the bamboo used to tread the jockey flight inwards the air because these cows running speed.

Karapan dimadura is a real unique performances, but has inherited a tradition to the adjacent is likewise waking upwards to now. This number was used every bit a tourism number inwards Indonesia, in addition to non exclusively local tourists, unusual tourists were many who witnessed this karapan.

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