Destinationsinbali; Bunaken, Northward Sulawesi

Bunaken is an isle of 8.08 km² at Manado Bay, situated inwards the N of Sulawesi Island, Indonesia. This Island is purpose of Manado city, the majuscule metropolis of North Sulawesi, Indonesia. The Sea Park inwards Bunaken Island is every bit purpose of National Park of Old Manado Ocean.

In this Bunaken Sea Park, visitors tin meet diverse marine lives at the bottom of Bunaken Sea. To accomplish this park, y'all tin become past times bounding main shipping similar motor boat. Visitors are charged 25,000 rupiahs per mortal for ane visit. The trip to Bunaken Sea Park Location from Manado City takes xl minutes past times motor boat.

Bunaken Island is easily reached from Manado past times motorized outrigger boat, departing from Manado harbor, Molas, Kalasey together with Tasik Ria beaches. The world boats from Manado to Bunaken are leaving daily roughly two p.m (depending on tide), except Sundays, from Pasar Jengki close Manado harbor. Back from Bunaken to Manado unremarkably early on inwards the morning, roughly 7-8 a.m

There are too chartered boats scheduled to depart inwards the morning time together with furnish inwards the belatedly afternoon. These are unremarkably reserved for move packages offered past times agents or fifty-fifty hotels.

Most diving takes house close Bunaken together with Manado Tua, because of their many fantabulous sites. The next is the diving area:
  • Lekuan Walls (I, II, III)
  • Mandolin
  • Bunaken Timor
  • Tanjung Kopi
  • Siladen Island
  • Muka Gereja
  • Barracuda Point
  • Manado Wreck
Other than diving-enthusiasts, ornithologists together with amateur bird-watchers mightiness abide by visiting Tangkoko Dua Sudara Nature Reserve entertaining. hither is the map of Bunaken together with the diving spots.

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