Balian Beach: Bali Surf Spots Inwards Westward Bali Indonesia

Balian Beach Bali is a dark grayness sandy beach inward the southern coast of due west Bali which is real famous for surfing, Balian Bali beach is likewise called Pantai Tukad Balian has beautiful natural scenery amongst waves that are practiced in addition to suitable for surfing spot in addition to is 1 of the best surf spots on the isle of Bali Indonesia.

Along the coast, grows a lot of kokosnoot trees or palm trees, thence the atmosphere inward this expanse all the same looks real beautiful in addition to natural. Balian Beach Bali visited past times many tourists in addition to surfers when they are on Tabanan Regency, Bali Indonesia.

 is a dark grayness sandy beach inward the southern coast of due west Bali which is real famous for second Balian Beach: Bali Surf Spots inward West Bali Indonesia
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History of The Name Balian Beach

Balian is truly the shout out of a river inward the hamlet of Tanah Lot Temple. In the 15th century, he passed through this house on his sacred journeying to watch Bali isle via the southern coast of Bali.

It is said that, when he arrived inward this place, he institute many people who are sick, thence amongst his powers, he stuck a wand inward the upstream of the river thence ordered those who are sick to bathe inward the downstream of the river, thence directly those people are healed. Because of the efficacy of the river inward curing disease, the locals telephone weep upward it Balian river.

Balian inward Balinese agency shaman/healer (which tin cure the disease), Balian River has eleven tributaries in addition to the river is considered sacred past times the locals, it is all the same used for ablutions (penglukatan). The waters from Balian river flows conduct into the sea, in addition to the downstream of the river is on the shore, it tin live on concluded that the shout out of Balian beach is mentioned because the downstream from Balian river are at the beach, thence upward to at nowadays the beach is called in addition to known every bit Balian beach.

Balian Beach - How to instruct there?

Balian beach is situated closed to the primary route that connects betwixt Denpasar in addition to Gilimanuk. Balian Beach tin live on reached amongst a distance of around lx km or nearly ii hr drive from the metropolis of Denpasar, Kuta or the surrounding area, or nearly 84 km from the port of Gilimanuk Jembrana, Bali, in addition to around xxx minutes from Medewi beach.

To watch Balian Beach tin live on reached using buses, taxis, in addition to motorcycles or cars that tin live on rented on-site vehicle rentals. For tourists who bring never visited the beach of Balian, highly recommended to rent a vehicle amongst driver for your comfort, for security in addition to to avoid misguided inward the way.

Balian Beach - Where to stay?

Balian Beach is a pop tourist finish every bit surf spot visited past times many surfers, thence the surrounding expanse at that spot are many lodging or villas for the convenience of travelers who wants to remain overnight amongst the cost of remain varies according to the accommodation facilities provided. So, to alive in addition to remain around the Balian beach does non involve to worry about.

Additionally, inward the coastal areas were likewise institute bars in addition to restaurants offering a broad multifariousness of nutrient in addition to drinks, typical nutrient carte offered at the restaurants around the Balian beach is a carte of seafood, such every bit grilled fish, crabs, in addition to grilled squid, etc.

Best Time to Visit Balian Beach

Like most other beaches inward Bali, the best fourth dimension to watch Balian beach is only earlier sunrise/sunset , spell on the Balian beach every bit it is located on the southern coast inward the western business office of Bali, the best fourth dimension to watch is inward the belatedly afternoon earlier sunset, But if yous desire to surf in addition to endeavor the waves thence unremarkably adjusted amongst the weather condition conditions, the Earth of currents, in addition to the spot every bit good every bit the tide.
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 is a dark grayness sandy beach inward the southern coast of due west Bali which is real famous for second Balian Beach: Bali Surf Spots inward West Bali Indonesia
Balian Beach Bali, Photo from Balian Villa

Although Balian beach is famous for its beautiful waves in addition to became the paradise for surfers, but the surfers must remain vigilant against shark attacks. Sometimes the bull sharks were seen wandering around the beach of Balian.

And according to the news, the incidence of shark attacks are rare inward the waters of Indonesia, but during this fourth dimension it had only happened on the beach of Balian. So, for the surfers are urged to e'er live on alerted, no thing pro surfers or beginners, Safety is the primary priority.
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Attractions around Balian Beach

In add-on to the tourist attractions of Balian beach, at that spot are likewise several other attractions located non far from the coastal areas of Balian, such every bit Soka beach which has beautiful scenery, in addition to Lumbung Berkat Agrotourism Dragon Fruits (Pitaya) Gardens which is located inward the hamlet of Antap. Agrotourism Lumbung Berkat is the alone object of agrotourism inward the District of Selemadeg, Tabanan, which has an expanse of ​about 50-acre​ garden in addition to covered to a greater extent than than 3,000 Pitaya plants.

Map Balian Bali Beach

Location in addition to map of Balian Beach Bali, powered past times Google Maps

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