Bali Indonesia tourism map: Kehen Temple or Pura

Kehen temple is oft described equally the miniature version of the Pura Besakih. Like the woman raise temple, this temple has 8 terraces as well as it is built on the southern gradient of the hill. Built inwards the 11th century, the Kehen temple is the biggest temple inwards East Bali as well as considered to hold upward the finest equally well. The temple complex is among palm tree plantations which practise a mystical atmosphere. Kehen agency household or fireplace as well as symbolizes the burn god, Brahmen who protects the temple.


Kehen Temple or Pura is a beautiful Hindu temple located inwards foothills, due south business office of Bangli Regency as well as it is almost 45 Km from Denpasar town. Inside of this temple in that location is Panyimpenan Temple or Pura edifice which keeps iii inscriptions which is relating to its contents as well as temple existence. It is strategically located inwards the high land, as well as hence nosotros tin john encounter the beautiful view. It is a famous temple inwards Bali as well as many local & unusual visitors see it every day.


It is the nation temple of the Bangli Kingdom. Actually Bangli was ane of the nine kingdoms of Bali. Bangli has an expanse of 520.81 km2 as well as population of 197,210 (2004). The refer Bangli derives from ‘bang giri’ agency cerise wood or mount as well as similar as well as hence much else on Bali, derives from local folkfore. With a history dating dorsum to at to the lowest degree the 13th century, Bangli Regency was founded yesteryear the Gelgel-based, Majapahit dynasty as well as despite never existence the strongest of Balinese kingdoms, over fourth dimension it. Kehen Temple or Pura was built during the reign of Sri Bhatara Guru Adikunti Ketana inwards the 11th century on the southern gradient of the hill. The refer of Kehen Temple or Pura’s taken from the give-and-take of “Keren” agency flame. Formerly, it was known equally “Hyang Api” (God of Fire) temple “Brahmen” is believed protects the temple.

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