Bali Indonesia tourism map: Gitgit Waterfall

Gitgit Waterfall is a beautiful tourist finish inwards northern purpose of Bali. Gitgit waterfall is located inwards the plateau expanse alongside the pinnacle most 35 meters in addition to it is surrounded yesteryear tropical tree in addition to emits the constantly natural H2O debit during the year. Waterfall vocalization roughly the charming nature is amazing in addition to it is the split attraction which tin last enjoyed yesteryear visitor who comes to visit. There are some plantations protecting the pelting wood roughly the waterfall in addition to inwards this house nosotros frequently met the wild monkey to instruct out H2O inwards the river close the waterfall.


Gitgit Waterfall is i of the famous tourist destinations inwards Bali which is located inwards Gitgit countryside, Sukasada sub district of Buleleng regency northern purpose of Bali island. The distance is most x Km from Singaraja Town or most seventy Km from Denpasar. It takes 2,5 hours crusade from Kuta, Legian in addition to Seminyak. ii hours from Ubud in addition to Denpasar.  3 hours crusade from Nusa Dua. It is laid upwardly at pinnacle solid reason most 300 meters inwards a higher house body of body of water level. It is located inwards rattling fertile in addition to perfect temperature brand plantation grow nicely. We demand to walk through the cloves garden of local farmers earlier hit the waterfall, rattling green...very beautiful.


Beside of Gitgit, at that spot is some other of import spot betoken similar the monument for hero scrap of Singaraja resident was dead on the battle against the Dutch colonialist. This monument is called Bhuwana Pangkung Bangka. This Monument is extant monument in addition to idol of people scrap activeness against the Dutch colonization. This monument is located inwards Gitgit countryside in addition to Sukasada sub district in addition to most 17 Km from Singaraja Town . It is situated on the loma bank. Representative facilities are available at Gitgit Waterfall such equally parking expanse & restaurant. It is non far from the waterfall place, at that spot is a house for taking a residuum patch bask the beauty panorama of rice terrace in addition to Buleleng Beach. In guild to view the Gitgit waterfall, all visitors volition follow the walkway downwards until the spot point. This route is i of the omissions inwards Dutch era where the local resident uses it to access other regions. On 1975, this waterfall is opened equally tourist destinations inwards due north purpose of Bali . Since it is appointed equally a tourist finish inwards Bali, many local & unusual tourists view this waterfall subsequently view Lovina which is located inwards other administration of northern purpose of Bali.

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