Bali Indonesia tourism map: Goa Lawah Temple or Pura

Goa Lawah or Bat Cave is i of favorite places of involvement inward Bali too it is located close of hilly banking concern so it is called reef of Middle hill. There is a nature cave dwelt yesteryear thousands of tail bat located at N side from Jeroan/center of Goa Lawah Temple or Pura . Pursuant to the papyrus of Dwi Jendra Tattwa, the Goa Lawah's yell is Goa Lelawah, the yell which is given yesteryear Danghyang Nirartha (a priest overspread the Hindu education inward Bali) when he stoped inward this house on his Tirtha Yatra trips. He arrived at a cave amongst a lot of bats were hang on too its unbroken vocalization clamor every bit hymn to add together the beauty of the cave. "Bat" way "Lelawah" whereas "Cave" way "Goa" inward Balinese, thus this cave has been called every bit ”Goa Lawah” or “Bat Cave Temple or Pura”. Upper the cave increment many bloom trees too odor squeamish fragrance too stimulus made the peace of hear of Danghyang Nirartha, made him stayed overnight for to a greater extent than or less nights inward this place. From the cave nosotros every bit good tin plough over notice run across the beautiful coast of bluish body of body of water too Nusa Penida Island seems every bit beautiful background.


Goa Lawah  is located inward Pasinggahan countryside, Dawan sub district, Klungkung Regency, E business office of Bali too almost 1,5 hours from Denpasar Town. Meanwhile the top dog route from Klungkung to Amlapura is only inward front end of the temple. This cave is apposite to the beautiful beach amongst dark sand along the coastal area.

There are two versions of history of Goa Lawah Temple or Pura
  • According to the chronicle of Bendesa Mas, it mentions that the elaborations of Mpu Kuturan (a Hindu priest was coming from Java) so he lived inward Bali. He has been hosted to watch Silayukti temple at Padang Bai sub district. after he every bit good built another temples too Goa Lawah Temple or Pura is i of them.
  • According to the Papyrus of Dwijendra Tattwa, it narrates that after Danghyang Nirartha stayed to a greater extent than or less nights at Goa Lawah, so he built a Kahyangan Temple or Pura on the ground. It way that Danghyang Nirartha extended the Palinggih or temple edifice has been existing earlier his coming at Goa Lawah Temple or Pura.

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