Bali Indonesia tourism map: Batuan Temple or Pura or Pura

Batuan (alternate: Batoeon or "Baturan") is a hamlet inwards Bali, Indonesia. It is noted for its artwork together with agency of icon which originated inwards the hamlet inwards the 1930s together with has since emerged into a major Balinese artistic style, known every bit a Batuan painting. It is a major icon middle together with contains a set out of fine art galleries together with cooperative fine art societies which convey played a key purpose inwards promoting the fine art of Batuan. The hamlet is likewise known for its surgical procedure of the ancient Gambuh dance, performed every Full Luna day.
There are 2 temples on the western purpose of the hamlet which are known every bit Pura Puseh together with Pura Dasar. These temples are built inwards classical Balinese temple architecture agency amongst elaborate carvings. Visitors are given vermilion sarongs to habiliment during view to the temples. The town is likewise pop for carved teak woods furnishings. The hamlet likewise has a "fat Buddha statue" (called the "Fat Baby Statue") at the cross route from Sakah to Blahbatuh is facing east.


Batuan is located inwards key Bali virtually 10 kilometres (6.2 mi) southward of Ubud together with virtually xv kilometres (9.3 mi) northeast of Denpasar contiguous to northern Sukhawathi village, around other well-known fine art center. The dry reason inwards this purpose of Bali is real flat. The surface area is covered yesteryear the town excluding agricultural lands is vi foursquare kilometres (2.3 sq mi). The town is bounded yesteryear streams flowing through chasms or gorges, which provide H2O render to the town. Apart from the streams that flow through the town, in that place are likewise irrigation canals sourced from upstream dams which provide irrigation facilities to large tract of paddy fields that environs the village, which was the dorsum os of the sustenance economic scheme inwards the past; economic scheme is instantly largely theme on tourist influx together with the town is instantly purpose of “World Economy.” By 1995, the hamlet had paved roads.


Batuan has been mentioned inwards historical tape of Bali since thou years ago. The Hindu together with Indian influence inwards the hamlet could hold upward seen from the fine art of carvings together with around temples. In the 17th century, Batuan together with southern Bali were controlled yesteryear the majestic household unit of measurement until a priest's curse led to their losing their control; eventually they dispersed to diverse parts of the country. During the catamenia of 1947–1949, most of the Batuan people remained loyal to the Gianyar Regency together with opposed nationalism.

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