Bali Indonesia tourism map: Besakih Temple or Pura

Pura Besakih or Besakih temple is a temple complex inward the hamlet of Besakih on the slopes of Mount Agung inward eastern Bali island. It is the most important, the largest in addition to holiest temple of Hindu organized religious belief inward Bali, in addition to i of a serial of Balinese temples. Perched nearly thou meters upward the side of Gunung Agung, it is an extensive complex of 23 separate but related temples amongst the largest in addition to most of import beingness Pura Penataran Agung. The temple is built on 6 levels, terraced upward the slope. The entrance is an formed past times a Candi Bentar (split gateway), in addition to beyond it the Kori Agung is the gateway to the minute courtyard. Pura Besakih is a complex made upward of twenty-three temples that sit down on parallel ridges. It has stepped terraces in addition to flights of stairs which ascend to a release of courtyards in addition to brick gateways that inward plow atomic number 82 upward to the primary spire or Meru structure, which is called Pura Penataran Agung. All this is aligned along a unmarried axis in addition to designed to atomic number 82 the spiritual someone upward in addition to closer to the mount which is considered sacred.


Besakih Temple or Pura is located inward the plateau expanse which is covered past times the cool atmosphere in addition to Mount Agung every bit a dorsum drop. From the come about of temple building, nosotros tin meet the beautiful panorama of nature from the temple expanse to the ocean. It is situated inward cool expanse amongst the lite breeze in addition to unique temple buildings spread out inward the temple complex volition practise the peaceful atmosphere. It is really slow to detect this temple inward Bali where most of the people accept known it inward detail the Balinese Hindu. It is close 2,5 hours away from Bali's International Airport past times machine to the eastward business office of Bali in addition to correct located inward Besakih Village, Rendang – Karangasem Regency.


The precise origins of the temple are non clear but it almost sure dates from prehistoric times. The rock bases of Pura Penataran Agung in addition to several other temples resemble megalithic stepped pyramids, which appointment dorsum at to the lowest degree 2000 years. It was sure used every bit a Hindu house of worship from 1284 when the root Javanese conquerors settled inward Bali. By the 15th century, Besakih had instruct a terra firma temple of the Gelgel dynasty. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 serial of eruptions of Mount Agung inward 1963, which killed roughly 1,700 people too threatened Pura Besakih. The lava flows missed the temple complex past times mere meters. The saving of the temple is regarded past times the Balinese people every bit miraculous, in addition to a betoken from the gods that they wished to demonstrate their ability but non destroy the monument the Balinese faithful had erected.

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