Bali Indonesia tourism map: Kemenuh Village

Kemenuh hamlet is only 10 minutes from Ubud, the hamlet holds potential for tourism, peculiarly the beautiful natural scenery breathtaking. In this hamlet at that spot is a path made tracking downwards the field, inwards improver to an unspoiled hamlet atmosphere adds to the appeal of this village. On the border of this Petanu village  clear flowing river H2O as well as endless. Along the means at that spot are many fine art hamlet store which sells diverse shaped wooden sculptures of animals such every bit birds, cats, chickens, giraffes as well as others that are really like to the original. Many tourists who come upward hither to encounter as well as purchase the crafts village. Many variety of woods are used for beautiful fine art of carving hither such every bit : ebony, ulin, teak wood, sandalwood etc. Visitor may encounter straight how the making procedure yesteryear the woodcarver. The woods carver besides volition hold upward proudly presenting their fine art to visitor is coming to their gallery, as well as the woods carving is guaranteed made from master copy wood. The results of fine art of woods carving hither are besides exported to abroad describes if they are having an international criterion lineament of art.


Kemenuh hamlet is located inwards sub district of Sukawati, Gianyar regency. 10 minutes from Ubud, xx minutes from Gianyar town as well as 1,5 hours from Denpasar. Located inwards the border of famous Petanu river. Famous tourist goal nearby this hamlet are : Goa Gajah temple, Mas village, Tegenungan waterfall.


The Most famous of this hamlet is a handmade woods carving. Visitor tin encounter straight how the woods carvers are making their fine art from existent lineament of wood. The results of the fine art are non solely sold inwards this hamlet nevertheless it has already good known all over the basis as well as they accept exported the results of fine art abroad.

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