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Singaraja is a town inwards northern Bali, Indonesia, Capital of Buleleng Regency. The lift inwards Indonesian agency for "Lion King" (from Sanskrit simha as well as raja). It is on the due north coast simply eastward of Lovina. It has an surface area of 27.98 km² as well as population of 100.000. Singaraja was the Dutch colonial administrative centre for Bali as well as the Lesser Sunda Islands from 1849 until 1953, as well as was the port of arrival for most visitors until evolution of the Bukit Peninsula has finished inwards the due south of Bali. Singaraja was besides an administrative middle for the Japanese during their World War II occupation. Gedong Kirtya, simply due south of the town centre, is the entirely library of lontar manuscripts (ancient as well as sacred texts on leaves of the rontal palm) inwards the world.


Singaraja is located inwards northern utilisation of Bali, it takes ii to 3 hours to effort to Singaraja from Denpasar. There are 3 principal routes: eastward via Kintamani Bali, taking inwards the stunning active volcano as well as mount vistas, due west via Pupuan, through beautiful rice-paddies, spice as well as java plantations; as well as central, via Bedugul alongside its famous marketplace as well as botanical gardens. Whichever road y'all take, the journeying is for sure to live scenic as well as interesting. It takes close ii hours from Ubud. From Kuta, Legian, Seminyak takes close ii hours 45 minutes. And takes 3 hours fifteen minutes from Nusa Dua.


Formerly Singaraja is an old harbor town, centrally located at the due north coast of Bali. It is the 2d largest town of Bali (approx. 100,000 inhabitants). It was in 1 trial of the sometime colonial's upper-case missive of the alphabet of Bali as well as similar a shot the upper-case missive of the alphabet of Buleleng regency. The Dutch colonial formerly strongly influenced Singaraja equally it is nevertheless apparent yesteryear the architecture of many buildings, specially those are located inwards the old harbor district. White plastered warehouses nevertheless breath the atmosphere of the old days when the harbor was nevertheless busy as well as merchandise inwards spices, vanilla as well as tobacco flourished.

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