Bali Indonesia tourism map: Ponjok Batu Temple or Pura

Ponjok Batu temple is a beautiful temple was built on the position is rather sticking out to the ocean every bit a foreland, inwards Balinese agency “Ponjok”. All the buildings were made from rock crafted beautifully. Base on the position as well as status thus this temple is called Ponjok Batu. This temple is belong to “Sad Kahyangan” (six master copy temples inwards Bali). According to the archæology omission at Ponjok Batu Temple or Pura , in that location is an Arca (statue) amongst 4 hands every bit a key of Ponjok Batu Temple or Pura building. The attribute (icon) of this Arca accept timeworn, so that whatever form of object brought is ignorable as well as the God Arca it self tin non endure identified. Besides of the God Statue (Arca), inwards Ponjok Batu Temple or Pura is also flora a Lembu Nandi Arca (a moo-cow statue) is pregnant from Siwa God. If the both Arcas are interacting hence the God Arca amongst 4 hands inwards this temple is Arca of Siwa God.


Ponjok Batu Temple or Pura  is located far away in northern business office of Bali at Banjar Alasari, Pacung countryside, Tejakula sub district Buleleng regency nearly 24 km eastside of Singaraja. iii hours from Denpasar, Kuta, Seminyak. two hours from Ubud, iii as well as one-half hours from Nusa Dua. This temple expanse ain the broad expanse nearly 35 acre inwards shape of dark stones bank.


In papyrus of Dwijendra Tattwa elaborate that Danghyang Nirartha (who i spread out the Hinduism inwards Bali) every bit good executing Tirtha Yatra (visit the holy places) inwards Bali area, he also did at Lombok as well as Sumbawa Island . When he did the tirta yatra to Lombok as well as Sumbawa Island , he larn out Bali past times passing the due north expanse of Bali. North expanse of Bali was famous amongst the refer of “Denbukit”. Hereinafter narrated that Danghyang Nirartha flora the lodging that is located inwards coastal periphery amongst its rock banking concern as well as steep rather sordid to ocean inwards the shape of a foreland which was called “Ponjok”. After omitted a few moments inwards the lodging as well as so he went to Lombok as well as Sumbawa Island to bear the Tirtha Yatra. At the end, the Pesraman/lodging of Danghyang Nirartha was built an altar which was called “Ponjok Batu” Temple or Pura. This temple has been existing since xvi century. Ponjok Batu Temple or Pura was built during a catamenia of Danghyang Nirartha’s “Tirtha Yatra” journeying inwards due north Bali.

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