Read This Guide Before Shopping at Ubud Art Markets, Bali

Read This Guide Before Shopping at Ubud Art Markets, Bali
The Ubud Art work Market, described by local people as 'Pasar Seni Ubud' can be an artisan/handicraft/visitor market at the heart of Ubud Town. It's available every day around from 6am to 6pm and can be an absolute must if you are in Ubud. Our lovely drivers explained that  most of the goods bought at the Ubud Market are created in the neighbouring villages of Pengosekan, Tegallalang, Payangan and Peliatan. You will discover several different handicrafts, a good bit of traveler tat, and occasionally an absolute jewel that means it is all worthwhile. Continue reading for additional information.

Read This Guide Before Shopping at Ubud Art Markets, Bali

When to Go
Much like most journeys in Asia, I would recommend you go early on each day when it starts. One reason behind this is the fact that there will be less crowds, but another is that you'll often find retailers are prepared to give you an improved price early in the day. From what I have already been told there's an area superstition in Bali (and around Asia) that it is good luck to market something very first thing each day (also, just good business too?). To get the best prices, strike the markets as soon as physically possible, and have for "harga" (price) "pagi", (morning hours) i.e. the morning hours price. You may notice that if you are the first sales owner will bypass and tap your cash all around the shop. It is suggested for the most part 2 time for the marketplaces, as they aren't that big.

The markets can be found opposite the the Royal Ubud Palace, at Jalan Raya Ubud No.35. The road of Jalan Karna is truly a pedestrianised street which makes up a huge area of the market, if you aim for that you will be in the center of it. There's also lots of smaller complexes spread around those pavements that house parts of the markets.

Good to learn
Be sure you negotiate. It's virtually a national overdue rather than something to be frightened of. Ask owner a cost, and then start at about 30% of this figure, working the right path up in increments until you meet. But know that if owner agrees to the purchase price you quote, it isn't very nice to improve your mind.... Treat it with a giggle and fun and you will be fine (Personally i think like this subject matter needs a entire post!).

One final term... Shopping at local marketplaces can be a lttle bit like vintage shopping, you can be overcome by the color and sound and think there is nothing you prefer, but invest the your time and effort and visualise the items you're viewing in a less busy context you're absolute to find some amazing gems!

What things to Buy
There's much available at these market segments, but (IMHO) what you would like to do is hone in on the stunning handicrafts and things that are Balinese specialities, and prevent other touristy items which you can without doubt find in vacationer markets around the world.

Stackable Storage Containers - Bali does indeed great wicker container bins that work effectively in your clothing collection to store scarves and other small items. Buy a few and stack them inside the other person to have them home.

Basket Luggage - Fine so they are confirmed, and you would be safe to buy some more than you think you will need... Nothing more serious than regretting not buying something at market you'll only visit once ten years! These handbags are obviously quite trendy at this time, and the costs have began to reflect that... But nonetheless they're worthwhile.

Ikat & Batik - Indonesia is well-known for its Ikat and Batik habits, where wax can be used to set-up negative space habits on cloth which is then dyed (more arriving upon this v soon!). I came across that there have been some lovely images that would combine well into today's closet if you appeared for the more minimalist colorings and designs.

Silver and gold jewellery - Simple bangles and stores abound in the jewellery retailers, once again if you are looking for styles to wear at home go for your that are pared back again rather than too decorative. But that's just me and it's really totally up to your own style!

Crochet - You will discover a wide array of different crochet designs, and it wouldn't be considered a visit to Bali if you didn't add one of the to your attire. I really like a good crochet bikini but observe it's always smart to go for the larger size than you think you will need.

Cotton Sarongs - Once more, you'll be stressed by the colorings and patterns available, but you will also find some simple minimalist designs if you seek out them.

Straw Hats - Would it not really be considered a trip without me buying a straw head wear? Although some the hats you will see are cheap woven plastic material styles, if you look strongly you will discover some natural woven hand frond ones that are usually worn in the grain fields. Ideal for keeping the midday sunshine off!