Bali Indonesia tourism map: Ulundanu Temple or Pura

Ulundanu temple or Pura Ulundanu Beratan is a famous Hinduism temple located inward the shore of lake Beratan. This is 1 of “Kahyangan Jagat” temples which has of import purpose inward Hindhu Balinese people’s life. The temple has five edifice complexes which is 1 of them located inward the shore of the lake Beratan together with seems to go floating inward the lake. This makes the field grade of Ulundanu Temple or Pura. The moving-picture demo of Ulundanu temple likewise tin go seen on Indonesian Rupiah 50.000 newspaper money. It is surrounded past times beautiful persuasion of the lake together with greenish tropical woods loma brand the temple equally a mandatory house to take in during vacation inward Bali. Height of the field is nearly 800metres higher upwards body of body of water degree makes this expanse is fresher than other area. Nearby the temple at that spot is Candikuning marketplace where many variety of tropical fruits are sold.


Ulundanu temple is located at Candikuning village, Baturiti sub district together with Tabanan regency. The distance from Denpasar town is nearly fifty km due north side the way from Denpasar to Singaraja. It is situated inward the plateau expanse alongside cool atmosphere environment it together with hills equally a backdrop. We tin regain at due north side of this temple is Pucak Sangkur mount, inward the eastside at that spot is Beratan Mount which likewise referred equally Pucak Mangu or Pucak Pangelengan, inward the S side at that spot is Terate Bang Mount together with inward the Westside at that spot is Tapak Mount together with Watukaru Mount. 


The elevate of Ulun Danu Beratan Temple or Pura is taken from the lake where the temple is built at Beratan Lake. The elevate of Beratan Lake is inseparable alongside the Beratan Mount equally Deity together with Goddess equally fertility source, prosperity to driblet dead on the prosperity inward life together with monastic say life. In papyrus chronicle of the Mengwi, this temple is referred equally the elevate of Parhyangan ri pinggiring danu Beratan (sanctum located inward lakeside of Beratan Lake ). Ulun is come upwards from Hulu discussion pregnant caput or ability together with inward this illustration is intended past times Ulun Danu Beratan way ability of Beratan Lake that is Danu Goddess.

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