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Tenganan Pegringsingan is a hamlet inwards the regency of Karangasem inwards Bali, Indonesia. Before the 1970s was known past times anthropologists to go i of the most secluded societies of the archipelago. Rapid changes select occurred inwards the hamlet since the 70's, such every bit the evolution of local communications past times the key government, the opening upwards to tourism, the breaking of the endogamic rules. Bali Tourismists are attracted to Tenganan past times its unique Bali Aga civilization that yet holds to the master copy traditions, ceremonies as well as rules of ancient Balinese, as well as its unique hamlet layout as well as architecture. It is known for its Gamelan selunding music as well as geringsing double ikat textiles. The people of Tenganan Pegringsingan are called Bali Aga—the master copy Balinese. They descend from the pre-Majapahit kingdom of Pegeng. There are strict rules every bit to who is allowed to alive inwards the village. Only those born inwards the hamlet tin remain inwards the hamlet as well as piece of occupation sum members of the community. There are rules regarding union as well as anyone who marries exterior of the hamlet has to leave. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 strict protocol regarding marriages with the kin groups select steered the Tengananese through the genetic perils of intermarriage although with increasing contact with the exterior basis these rules select relaxed somewhat.


Tenganan hamlet is geographically situated with the loma inwards westward as well as E business office of this village. This hamlet is located inwards Manggis sub district inwards Karangasem Regency or most 1 hr stimulate from Denpasar Town. It is a small-scale hamlet consisted of 3 Banjars (group of local community) those are Banjar Kauh, Banjar Tengah as well as Banjar Pande. The regional of this hamlet is consisted of 3 complexes those are resident, plantation as well as rice plain complex. The history of Tenganan hamlet is expressed inwards a few versions. The starting fourth dimension version is mentioned that the resident of Tenganan hamlet are come upwards from Paneges Village, a hamlet is located close with Bedahulu Village that is located Gianyar Regency. The minute version is expressed that give-and-take of Tenganan recognized inwards i of Bali inscription that was written past times the give-and-take of Tranganan. The tertiary version is expressed that the Tenganan Village Resident prays to the Bukit Lempuyang Temple or Pura. The give-and-take of Tenganan is ascribed past times a Tengah root give-and-take which tin hateful to aim to middle of Pegringsingan, the fasten stuff type weave that is typically arrive at past times Tenganan hamlet resident. The construction of resident inwards Tenganan hamlet is built inwards linear consisted of 6 rays. Each of ray consisted of to a greater extent than or less lawn broadly, the edifice shape where the local community purpose it to introduce the handicraft for tourists. All the tradition existences of the human existence are harmoniously with the God, human as well as surroundings every bit according to Tri Hita Karana concept. The Bali Tourismism Destination of Tenganan remains to describe during the time, goodness every bit tourism cultural object, tourism nature as well as agriculture tourism.

Many of the life-cyrcle rituals of the Tengananes are like to those of the Balinese inwards general, but select subtle differences. Some ceremonies are unique. One of the distinguishing features is the purpose of geringsing. By virtue of their magical qualities geringsing are non exclusively capable of keeping impurities as well as danger out of the village, but also shield as well as protect humans from baleful influences during rites of passage every bit they transition from i stage of life to the next. The Tengananese have their starting fourth dimension geringsing at the pilus cutting ritual. His pilus is cutting as well as placed inwards a handbasket which is placed on a folded geringsing on the balé tengah, on which the Tegananese both enters as well as leaves the world. In the ceremony that admits a man child or daughter to the youth association of the village, they are carried inwards a geringsing stuff on their father's correct shoulder. In the in conclusion ceremony of teruna nyoma which is the initiation, the candidates have on a geringsing as well as demeanour a keris. for the molar filing ceremony, an essential rite of passage for all Balinese Hindu, the participants pillow is covered past times geringsing. After expiry the grnitals of the deceased are covered past times a geringsing hip sash. These cloths may non go used over again as well as and then commonly ae sold . In the purification of the soul ceremony (muhun) the dead person's presence, which is symbolizes past times an inscribed palm leaf, is also arrayed inwards a geringsing. In the wedding ceremony ceremony the groom invites his in-laws to watch his parents dwelling solid where the couple, dressed inwards festal geringsing habiliment piece relatives select symbolic gifts which are placed on a geringsing cloth.

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